New York State of Mind in Arizona


                                                                      Nensi and I have been friends since the age of 14, and we can’t recall a time that we have not been on a fashion bargain hunt.  As young ladies growing up in New York City, we were easily influenced by its diverse culture and fashion trends. 

Shopping for anything in New York always cost a fortune, especially quality clothing and accessories.  We would often find ways to cut corners by finding the local flea markets, thrift shops, and sample sales. Our search took us to some of the most unusual parts of NYC.  From St. Marks, Canal Street, and SoHo Village all the way to Madison/Park/5th Avenue, we always searched the best sales and bargains.  Our weekly shopping adventures would end with a visit to our favorite hang-out, Le Figaro Café, a well-known spot in the Village, where we would toast our new finds with a fabulous tall glass of iced frappe.

Fast forward to the present, Nensi and I are wives/moms living in Phoenix, AZ and friends who still meet up for that fashion bargain hunt every week.  We miss our New York shopping trips, but we have found our fashion spots for bargain hunting which we frequent in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and throughout the valley.  We love shopping the consignment stores around town and we have found some awesome deals on designer brands.  Which is our favorite spot? My Sister’s Closet Consignment – women consign some beautiful apparel and it is just thrilling for us to find that one unique dress or those designer jeans for a bargain.

We would love to hear from women out there who love shopping for clothes/accessories, especially at consignment stores, flea markets, and sample sale events.  What are your favorite fashion bargain spots?

2 comments on “New York State of Mind in Arizona

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