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Reinventing My Closet

Organization is a dreadful word in my household.  I have two little ones and, as every mom knows, trying to clean and organize a home with young kids is virtually impossible.  I am obsessed with keeping order, so for me it is a struggle to let things “get messy”.  In order to satisfy my need for organizing, I have decided to tackle my overcrowded closet.  I am in the process of clearing out any top, dress, pant, shoe or bag that does not define me today.  I love my fashion finds, so I am making room for some beautiful pieces that I found through several resale websites that I’ve been frequenting (I must admit this is my new favorite pastime – one of my favorite sites is Threadflip).  In essence, I am reinventing my space, my closet, and leaving the clutter to the other rooms in my home. Happy organizing! – Natasha


My Closet – A Work in Progress


New (pre-loved) closet additions perfect for an Arizona Fall
Classic Print Dress: Nieves Lavi New York – Threadflip
Brown Fringe Boots: Fergalicious – Runway Exchange

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