Chanel Goes with Everything I Wear

While channel surfing during commercials, I ran across Doomsday Preppers, an odd show about families who, in fear of a national catastrophe, are well prepared by organizing food supply, shelters, and having planned evacuation routes.

Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking … cough.

However, as I watched an interview of a young woman by the name of Megan Hurwitt, (a Houston party girl by night, a lone ranger in training by day), who stated “I used to be a lot more shallow, I still love high heels and I love fashion, but I’m also thinking about is there anything to conceal my weapons in”…  I found my self thinking … if I suddenly had to leave my home in a hurry, what (besides my wallet and cell phone) is the one item I could not part with?  Doubtless, only one thing comes to mind … my precious Chanel handbag (way prettier than any “Bug Out Bag”)!  Yup, got me! I guess I am pretty shallow, but don’t worry Megan, I’m sure I could conceal a weapon in it, (my wallet and cell phone too).

Image~ XOXO ~ Nensi

2 comments on “Chanel Goes with Everything I Wear

  1. I agree and you look fabulous!

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