My (mini) Personal Stylist

Olivia, my almost 4 year old daughter going on 14, has a mind of her own when it comes to her clothes.  If she doesn’t like an outfit I buy or pick for her, she just won’t wear it.  I always try and take her along when I shop for her clothes so she can approve of my choices (I know, I know…rolling eyes).

Nowadays, Olivia’s even taken an interest in what I wear.  Today she picked out my outfit, so I thought I’d share her look for me.  As you can see, she loves black – which it seems is a very fashionable choice since black on black is trending.

Secretly? I can’t wait until Olivia is old enough to be my shopping partner-in-crime (don’t worry Nensi, you are still my NUMBER 1 SHOPPING PAL!)  I am so glad my daughter has my passion for fashion 🙂



Black Tee – H&M

Black Skinny Jeans – Else Jeans

Black Boots – BCBG Generation

Bauble Necklace – Charming Charlie’s

x Natasha

7 comments on “My (mini) Personal Stylist

  1. What a cute post! And I love your necklace!!’

  2. You are right. The belt does bring in a great difference. Not only for women but also for men!


  3. You’re lucky! My daughter is 9 and I still have to pick out her clothes every single day. I like it- but also wish she was a bit more independent! Your daughter sounds darling!

  4. It’s a great look… she does have the eye.

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