DIY: Skinny Jeans!

I’ve been following a cool DIY blog called “Wobisobi” written by a lady named Anne.  Her DIY projects range from upcycling clothing and making new designs out of the old to making her own jewelry.  Her blog has given me ideas on how to make reuse of clothing from my own closet.  I don’t consider myself crafty at all (my 4-year-old is craftier than I am), but practice makes perfect, right?

I found my favorite jeans from 2 years ago in my closet so I decided to have some fun with them and turn them into skinny jeans.  I’m not into the wide leg denim look these days, so having an extra pair of skinny jeans lying around would be awesome!

Here are the jeans before my DIY attempt:


I wore them inside out and had some help in pinning them to the desired tightness. The jeans were sewn along the pinned line.


I sewed on some studs along the curve of the front pockets and added a polka-dot patch to the side leg for a unique touch. I found the patch and studs at my local Joanne Fabrics store.

This is the end result – not bad! …for a first timer.

NewOldJeans2 (1)




Check out Wobisobi for some DIY inspiration! Link here.

x Natasha



5 comments on “DIY: Skinny Jeans!

  1. The jeans look fabulous! I really like the studs!

  2. Hey!:-)I absolutely love your style!I would like to let you know my shopping blog shop right now is now like my styles 🙂 enjoy!xoxo Heidie

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