A Closet Tale

Do you ever stand in front of your closet and think:


I must have this dilemma at least twice a week! Yesterday morning the “nothing to wear” panic set in something fierce.  Obviously, this called for a babysitter, and a shopping trip.  I was particularly in need of a holiday party dress, since last year’s maternity – two sizes too big – dress has thankfully been freed from my closet.

Check out one of my favorite shopping spots. My Sister’s Closet.  Yes, this is a consignment store.  Hard to believe, it looks more like a boutique clothing store and that’s why I love coming here to get my clothing fix at a fraction of the price.




I am always lured in by the handbag section – display heaven.  I need to focus on finding a dress but I can’t pull myself away!


Look at these shoes.  Dior for $79 and BCBG for $29.  I think I need to buy the shoes – and find a dress.  When in doubt, always buy the shoes.


A Zara leopard print trenchcoat for $17? – yes please.  I think I’m in the market for a new trenchcoat – and a dress.


This is the chic dressing room.  Lovely Chanel on the wall.


I found some designer dresses on the racks:  Herve Leger, Betsey Johnson, Tory Burch




Sometimes I get lucky when I come to shop the racks and find clothes that are BRAND NEW with tags and priced to sell.



In the end, I went with the Betsey Johnson dress – and the Dior shoes.  Gotta have the shoes!

xo Natasha

16 comments on “A Closet Tale

  1. haha I feel you, think that almost everyday, but I’ve been silly and left a lot of my clothes and shoes in london… where I haven’t been for a while, so…

  2. You did well! I never have luck at consignment stores. It’s like I’m cursed or something!

    • Yeah, depends if you luck out the day you visit..sometimes it also depends on the consignment place. I live near Scottsdale, AZ where most of the “rich” ladies consign their clothes to the stores around town.

  3. That happens to all of us and sometimes 5 days a week =) And as a designer once told me: Every fashionista needs a consignment store =)

  4. WOW – a fantastic consignment shop!!!

  5. LOL, I have that same dilemma! What a cool consignment shop though and you found some great styles 🙂

  6. I love the black dress with the gold chains on you!

  7. You picked some great stuff. I like the name of the store. Cute.

  8. I adore my sister’s closet! Great finds…I especially love that trench.

  9. I never have anything to wear!!!

  10. Love it….mm I could use a satire like that close to me….
    Simply Jyune

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