Crayola Catwalk

I haven’t read a teen magazine in over 20 years now, though I’m guilty of subscribing to “Tiger Beat” for my darling, dimpled daughter who claims to be deeply in love with all the cute boys on the cover, with their perfect hairdos and bright white smiles. If only she knew …

So this month’s Tiger Beat edition just sat there on the counter … and all the 1D hotties were calling my name, nah, just kidding, maybe not kidding (wink wink), I picked it up, started flipping through pages and came upon this Crayola ad:

Image 91wMttvNxIL._AA1500_

We all know that Crayola has created many products that encourage big imagination in our little people. This, to me, seems like another really creative idea. Lets have the fashion designers of tomorrow practice today by creating all sorts of interesting mini outfits. Once again, they have managed to capture creativity in a box.

Forget playing dress up with Barbie. Crayola Catwalk Creations allow budding Fashionistas to create unique designs with fabric that they can twist into shape and that stays put on the mannequin (included). These sets come with all sorts of fabrics, double-sided tape, belt buckles and gem stickers, and can be found on Ebay for as low as $15. Ha, this will make a perfect Christmas  gift for a special girl I know.

Here are a few pictures I managed to snag off the internet:

Looks like lots of hands on fun, I just had to share!  Natasha, we need to schedule a “Tiger Beat” drool..ahem, I meant a Crayola play date 😉 Crayola5 Crayola4 Crayola3

~ XOXO ~ Nensi

9 comments on “Crayola Catwalk

  1. This looks like fun! Xo

  2. OMG, wish I had this growing up! Great gift, how old can the girl be to start playing with this?

    • I’m pretty sure I saw “Ages 6+” on one of the boxes, but to me, it looks like a fun project for any age. I bought one for my five year old neighbor. This amazing little girl makes her own beaded jewelry, so I’m sure this is a perfect gift for her, (just hoping she’ll let me play too). And you are so right, when I was growing up, they had nothing like this, I used to make my own paper dolls with fancy outfits … Not fair!

  3. I want to be a little girl again!!

    love, Gongy

  4. This would make a great gift and looks like tons of fun!

  5. This is AMAZING! Wish I had this growing up, I would have loved to play with it! A gift for my future daughter haha ;P

    Feel free to check out my blog! All follows, likes, comments, and views are all appreciated! 🙂

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