Dreaming in Black and White

Coco Chanel once said that “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. When I think of the word “Classy”, Kate Middleton comes to mind. She is always dressed so elegantly, yet she often plays it “safe”… I am not calling her dull in any sense of the word, but wouldn’t you love to see her bend the rules and step out of her box? I know I would.

Going with that theme, I’ve picked up a simple black and white dress from the mall, and decided to mix it up a little by adding some colorful details, making the outfit both “fabulous” and interesting.


Immagine if Kate wore a yellow belt and yellow shoes, what a happy outfit that would make.


Even Barbie plays in red, white and black, as do Paris Hilton and Anne Hathaway.

Being a woman is exhilarating! I celebrate that by throwing an element of fun into my outfits. Black and white clothing exudes elegance and class, but when you add colorful accessories, the outfit takes on a whole new persona. Here are a couple of different versions of me playing dress up along with the fashion icons who’ve inspired them: 113011-fashion-and-beauty-amy-winehouse-back-to-black-dress teal


Both scarf and the necklace were old internet finds.

Rose Matelasse Dress | FOREVER21 – 2044367715

Heart Stud Hip Belt | FOREVER21 – 2030406518

Patent Waist Belt | FOREVER21 – 2040495914

Do you dream in Black and White?


You can find the necklace, the bracelet and the ring at http://www.charmingcharlie.com/cc/


5 comments on “Dreaming in Black and White

  1. To be totally honest I dream in black ! (but with a pop of color via accessories, so I really like the way you styled your gorgeous dress !).

  2. Love it and you look gorgeous!

  3. Love this dress, I love anything with roses, and I like how accessorize it in different ways.

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