Saturday Man Candy: Double Your Pleasure!

This week we honor two beautiful male specimen, an International hunk Gilles Marini, and an all American boy Wes Welker.

Gilles Marini danced his way into our dreams long before he appeared on “Dancing with the Stars”. Gilles first caught my eye in a spicy shower scene in “Sex and the City”. While at the theater with Natasha, I remember wishing that I could hit the rewind button (among other things). What a bod, and that accent … made me want to scream “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Gilles”?

imagesGilles Marini 34 alan mercer_0 200610_Marini_Gilles_005

Gilles later warmed his way into our hearts when we kept seeing pictures of him with his little girl. Gilles is a father of two and a devoted family man. This makes him uber sexy in our book.





















Some of you ladies might have heard of a New England Patriots’ wide receiver, Wes Welker. This Oklahoma City native played for Texas Tech, San Diego and Miami. He is also a positive role model for young boys through his “83 Foundation”. Dubbed “The Natural”, Wes has broken many records and holds the all-time record for receptions. Whether in his uniform or dressed down, we’d love to play with him, these ladies are ready to receive 😉

WesWelker46 tumblr_meou42Nbg01rge74zo1_400


5 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Double Your Pleasure!

  1. Thanks to you, I will have very pleasant visions of Gilles dancing in my head as I drift off to sleep tonight!

  2. Oh, Gilles really is a dream!! His wife should feel so lucky!:D

  3. Gilles, Yes, you have great taste! I am a SF 49er fan, so my loyalty won’t allow me to comment on Wes. Alex Smith, however, mmm mmm

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