Sears … Seriously?

Sears. “Great fashion at great prices”. Seriously? How many of you have seen this latest Sears commercial and felt a sudden urge to shop there?

Unless I’m in the market for a new appliance or it’s Fathers day and I’m tool shopping, I never step foot inside the Sears department store. After seeing this ad, I am inspired to give Sears a chance. I love, love, love all the outfits worn by Jama Williamson. When I saw this commercial, I was truly speechless. Sears … Who would’ve thought?

You know where you’ll find me tomorrow. Gotta have those shoes!



10 comments on “Sears … Seriously?

  1. Super! happy Xmas shopping! xxx

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw this commercial. Happy Searsing to you!

  3. Oh yes, don’t sleep on Sears – Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. I have gotten great things @ Sears, the sales there are crazy good. I got a really awesome sweater for my mom for $6.00. Prices can’t be beat, especially at the Sears outlets. You can get clothes for $1/$2. Garage sale prices for brand new items.

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