What Type of Wine Are You?

One of our favorite TV shows is Cougar Town.  The new season is starting this Tuesday and we happened to see this cool advertisement on Cougar Town’s Facebook page:
Whether it comes with some food or simply on it’s own, wine is the perfect ending to any kind of day, especially a shitty one. We can totally relate with Jules…who can resist a fine glass of Pinot Noir?
Mirassou Wines has this fun test on their site which helps you find out what type of wine you are based on your personality.
Are you…

“Wine Personality” Quiz

Have fun taking the Mirassou® Winery unscientific wine personality quiz. Answer these questions to determine what your wine personality is, so you can choose the perfect wine for you and your guests!

  1. Are you always the center of attention?
  2. Are you fun-loving and consider yourself to be a people-person?
  3. Are you a real sweetheart or big softy?
  4. Do you prefer sweet tastes over salty ones?
  5. Do you run circles around your friends because you’re so energetic?
  6. Are you constantly “on the go”?
  7. Do you spend most of your free time on the golf course?
  8. Do you tend to participate in sports rather than watch from the sidelines?
  9. Is your disposition a happy one?
  10. Do you “go with the flow”? Have you been described by some as being flexible or “mellow”?
  11. Are you a perfectionist, never letting go of a project until it’s completely perfect?
  12. Are you a “Type A” with extremely high standards for yourself and others?
  13. Are you a nature buff, one who’d rather be hiking or fishing or out enjoying the natural world?
  14. Are you concerned for the environment?
  15. Are you a powerhouse in the workplace who is ready to meet any challenge and sometimes referred to as “adventurous”?
  16. Do you like to take risks, preferring to try things outside your comfort zone?


Here’s how David Mirassou, wine expert and sixth generation family member of Mirassou Winery, pairs your personality traits with the perfect Mirassou varietal:

  • If you answered yes to questions 1 or 2, you are a Moscato.“Moscato is so popular that it quickly becomes the center of attention at any get-together,” said David Mirassou. “Our California Moscato is as close as you can get to capturing summer in a bottle, making it the perfect wine for sharing with friends and family.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 3 or 4, you are a Riesling.“Mirassou’s Riesling is very soft and approachable and is ideal for those who consider themselves to be kind-hearted and sweet.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 5 or 6, you are a Sauvignon Blanc.“Energetic personalities tend to enjoy the crisp taste of Sauvignon Blanc because it pairs well with an always on-the-go active lifestyle.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 7 or 8, you are a Pinot Grigio.“Pinot Grigio is perfect for the sport type because it offers a refreshing cool-down after a long day on the golf course under the sun.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 9 or 10, you are aChardonnay.“Mellow, go-with-the-flow people are crowd pleasers, and likewise Chardonnay is an easy to drink wine that is pleasing to many palates.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 11 or 12, you are a Pinot Noir.“It takes a perfectionist to grow Pinot Noir grapes, so those with perfectionist tendencies will appreciate the complexities of this varietal.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 13 or 14, you are a Merlot.“Nature-lovers and those that crave the great outdoors tend to enjoy Merlot for its full-body taste and smooth finish.”
  • If you answered yes to questions 15 or 16, you are a Cabernet.“Big, bold personalities are often adventurous spirits and a rich Cabernet is the perfect match for this ready-to-take-on-anything approach to life.”

If you answered yes to multiple questions, you like a wide range of varietals!

I am a Pinot Noir and Nensi is a Sauvignon Blanc. What type of wine are you?


11 comments on “What Type of Wine Are You?

  1. Looks like I am a Pinot Noir as well…which is kind of funny since it is one of my favourite wines. 🙂

  2. I saw her on Ellen today she was so cute!

  3. I’m a Pinot which is my favorite.

  4. Seems like I’m Chardonnay! Very cute quiz.


  5. I’m apparently some kind of strange wine cocktail… Moscato, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet. (I was hoping for Pinot Noir, since I’m in PN country here in Oregon, but alas…)

  6. This is awesome unscientific personality wine test ….seems as if I like a variety of wines sauvignon blanc, chardonnay or Cabernet: which would be true based on my company…..my personal preference though Merlot for myself or Moscato/Riesling when I have company.

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