Targeting the Flue with Prabal Gurung

Inspired by the nightly news, my poor aching head, red nose, and used Kleenex tissues, sprawled across my bed, I’ve decided that the new trend for this season (in my bedroom, neighborhood, city and state) is the flue.

Isn’t citrus a perfect cure for the flue? Well, you better watch out Mr. Flue, you obviously haven’t heard about the new Target Prabal Gurung collection, featuring all sorts of wonderful floral and citrusy prints, joining Target Stores on February 10th. These looks are sure to knock you out, terrible Mr. Flue!  😉  Until then, I’ll just have to stack up on vitamin C. I know I’ll be rockin’ these citrus colors in no time.

Here are just a few samples of Prabal Gurung’s trademark bold colors, floaty fabrics and designs for Target collab:

imagesizer imagesizer imagesizer elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-09-xln-60582548-lgn-1 elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-02-xln-92483479-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-37-xln-29314285-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-03-xln-95125811-lgn-1 elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-07-xln-41702909-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-25-xln-8777968-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-05-xln-77770453-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-10-xln-48785591-lgn elle-target-prabal-gurung-look-24-xln-78232659-lgn

 ~ XOXO ~ Nensi

14 comments on “Targeting the Flue with Prabal Gurung

  1. Happy recovery : your post is great !

  2. Target keeps getting better and better.

    I hope you get well soon!

  3. I can’t wait to put my hands on a few of these! Possibly the best Target collaboration so far…! But then again, it’s Prabal Gurung, I haven’t expected for less.

    Feel Better!!!


  4. If it looks like that in real life in the stores this will be the best selling collaboration to date for Target!
    Hope the flu is passeé already!

  5. Ugh, getting sick is the worst! But I too am IN LOVE with this collection – now, if only I could find more closet space. Ha! BTW – nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! http://ipreferheels.com/2013/01/18/beautiful-blogger-award-merci-beaucoup/ Enjoy!

    • I know, there’s also a red dress in the collection that I’ve just got to get my hands on. BTW, Natasha and I are both humbled and flattered. Thank you very much for the nomination. It means a lot to us both!

  6. I hope you feel better soon!

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