OOTD: Horse Country

While most of the country is freezing over, fighting snow storms and below zero temperatures, Phoenix Arizona has set a heat record of 81 degrees today. After last weeks freezing spell, I was very happy to shed long clothes and put on a summer dress. After all, warm weather is a major reason my family and I moved here.

Moving to Phoenix from New York City was a true culture shock. I remember the first time I saw a real live Cowboy, my jaw dropping, my finger pointing, and my mouth stammering in shock, as the poor man walked past me … I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart, but I will admit that I’ve adapted to the lifestyle here, and seeing farm equipment, horses, cattle or a true Cowboy is a normal, everyday occurrence, but, like a true city girl, I’ll admit to always pinching my nose when driving past a cow farm. Can’t help it, hihihi.

I thought I’d do a post about the lifestyle here in my town of Gilbert, AZ. I live in a beautiful home in a posh gated community, however, farmland is only a few miles away. Because of that, my girls and I often go horse back riding and enjoy breathtaking Arizona desert scenery. I’m not in a habit of dressing like this, but thought it would be fun to celebrate this beautiful day in warm and sunny Arizona.

I’m summer ready with a TobyNYC Cowgirl hat, dress is by HAVE & HAVE, fishy necklace and earrings are by drema, Charles Klein ring, Cowgirl boots are purchased at francesca’s here



31 comments on “OOTD: Horse Country

  1. You are adorable. Great outfit and pics…love this blog! outfitofthedayblog.wordpress.com

  2. Perfect outfit for what looks like an amazing day!

  3. Great place! Your countryside style is perfect! xxx

  4. Beautiful dress. you look great on it.

  5. So jealous of that 80 degree weather, love everything especially the boots and the braids!

  6. This is so cute, and I’m so insanely jealous of those temps. That would be such an extreme move. Nonetheless, you look adorable and the braids are a perfect complement to the outfit!


    • Thanx hun. The weather here is beautiful. Everyday is sunny, It only rains about 4 times a year, and winters are super warm, but we do pay the price in the summer months. I don’t know what I’d do without a pool.

  7. That must have been may-jor culture shock moving from NYC!
    But that weather must be a daily reminder of a brilliant move!!!!
    xo reversecommuter

    • I do love NY, and always will, but there are a lot of perks to living in AZ. I feel so bad for the folks in Minnesota who’ve been struggling with -35 degree weather yesterday.
      Those poor souls … So I do feel privileged.

  8. great outfit. Love your dress and boots! x

  9. Gorgeous.
    I love the colour of your dress, cornflower blue so pretty and appropriate haha.
    xx Karen

  10. beautiful place!!
    loved your pics!

  11. I know exactly what you mean.. exactly! Me, coming from Belgium, the center of Europe, I’m surrounded by cities like Paris and Brussels and Amsterdam, and here I am.. moving to Arizona..Cowboy state numero uno (well maybe not uno.. there’s still Texas I guess.. :p) I love the peace and quiet though, but still. Sometimes I feel like I walked right into a cowboy movie! But I love it 🙂

    • YES! You really do get it then. And Phoenix is 5th largest city in the nation!??? I pass through Europe often, and it’s beauty and history are incomparable, so I can hardly imagine the culture shock you experience out here in the desert. But you have to admit, life here is unique too (just wish they had more coffee shops around).

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