OOTD: Talk Nerdy to Me

Most of you won’t remember the days when Buddy Holly ruled the charts, but you might recall his trademark thick framed nerdy glasses. When I think of the “nerdy look”, Buddy Holly, or Steve Urkel fit the bill perfectly. I’ve always thought That’ll Be The Day when those glasses make a come back, however Hollywood thought differently …  I know the suspenders are “in”, just phhleeezzz don’t bring back the “flood” pants. I can almost hear Steve Urkel nasally asking “Did I do that?”


Here is Hollywood, paying homage to the “nerdy look”:

nd2 nd3 nrd5

This look can easily be achieved with common things in your closet. For the most part, you do need the nerdy glasses, but the frame doesn’t have to be black. Also, no pocket protectors necessary, you will easily find a t-shirt with a witty slogan on it. Jeans, mary janes, high heels or tennis shoes with knee high socks are ideal.  Anything preppy, like button down shirts, printed cardigans, or vests are perfectly acceptable. For a more “bookish” look, you might want to  sport a pencil over your ear, or have the pencil become a part of your hairstyle.

Being that this look is trending, my girls and I decided to dress up, in outfits from our closets, and show you our “chic geek” version of how cool nerds, like us, dress today. As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

nedr3 nerd4 nerd5 nerf16 nerd6 nerd9 nerd8 nerd10 nerd7 nerd11 nerd19nerd12 NERD2 nerd17 nerd14 nerd15 nerd16

XOXO ~ Nensi ~ (and my Nerdettes)

19 comments on “OOTD: Talk Nerdy to Me

  1. Great photos!
    Totally made me smile. 😀

  2. You ladies know how to have fun, must be all the sun in AZ.

  3. Loving “geek chic” and you and your fam’s versions are so fun!

  4. Love it, I too have a pair of nerdy glasses because I can’t see and those small frames were a pain in the a$$!

  5. Such beautiful ladies and adorable doggies! They seem to be loving the nerd trend too!

  6. OMG this post is amazing!!!! I LOVE it! the colours and little images you added! what app did you use? love it all. want to follow each other on bloglovin? would love your comments on my blog 🙂

    • Thanx luv, my kiddos introduced me to “ribbet” photo editor. You should try it, it is so easy and fun to use. You have a cute blog yourself, I’m enjoying it. Glad you found me 🙂

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