In Loving Memory

This past Sunday our family lost our beloved yellow labrador, Noodles, to cancer. He was 10 years old. We are devastated by the loss, as we considered him our firstborn baby boy. Noodles was just as much my child as my human children are. Our other dog, Lucky, has lost his companion and best friend.

Pets become such a special part of our lives. They are angels and best friends sent from up above. I believe that Noodles was my angel and heavenly protector. Many a night when I felt alone or sad, Noodles would just know and he would come lay at the foot of my bed, rest his head on my legs, and comfort me. I hope that wherever Noodles is, he knows that my husband and I loved him to pieces and tried to give him a good life full of love and affection. Heaven has gained a special angel.

In memory of Noodles, I would like to share some pictures of happy times spent with him.

Thank you to my best friend, Nensi, for keepin the blog going in my absence.

I hope everybody out there finds this kind of unconditional love. Please adopt a pet in need of love.







17 comments on “In Loving Memory

  1. Cannot hit the “like” for this post.
    Sorry for your loss. I have a 13 yr old schnoodle with cancer and sympathize.
    xo reversecommuter

  2. My heart goes out to you. I recently lost my cat Buster and I miss him a lot. Peace to you and know our babies are looking down and still loving us.

  3. Ahhh, he was so handsome. I have 2 white Boxers and I cant imagine what it would be like to lose one. Dogs are so happy, they should live forever.

  4. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear. Dogs will always hold a special place in my heart, so it’s heartbreaking to know that you’ve lost yours. Dogs are part of our families, and it hurts just as much as losing a human member. I’m sure he lived a full, beautiful life and felt loved from you and his family the entire time he was with you. Great way to commemorate his memory w/ this post. xoxo

  5. I totally understand exactly how you feel. About two years ago, I lost my Jack Russell Terrier that I had rescued from a local shelter. It was like losing my best friend. I still miss her! Dogs have a unique way of leaving paw prints on our hearts! May you rest in peace Noodles! You were so blessed to have such a loving family!

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss – he looks like a wonderful dog.

  7. I feel sorry for your lost and watching these special photos of him touched me !

  8. The idea that I will lose my dog one day make me unravel. Such sweet pictures…may you find comfort in the only One who can never be lost…

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