Man Candy: ♥♡♥ Boxers or Briefs? ♡♥♡

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with some eye candy this year! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we just couldn’t resist doing a feature on men’s Valentine’s fashion 😉 … For ages now, men have been buying women flowers, chocolates, and, of course, sexy lingerie. What do we buy them? Cologne, a new Wallet, a Watch, Cigars, personalized Golf Balls … ??? Ladies, don’t let him have all the fun, why not turn the tables this Valentine’s Day and treat ourselves to some eye candy?


The market for men’s underwear is big, grande and quite juicy. There are many great eye candy magazines and underwear catalogues such as KENTON magazine and UnderGear. Even Pinterest features ode to Sexy Men in underwear, but we suggest you get a box of tissues before clicking on any of these links ’cause there’s bound to be some major salivating.

No silly elephant trunk or sock faces … just simple and fun mens boxers and briefs Natasha and I would like to see next to our lingerie (on the floor) this Valentine’s Night. 😛

vd18 vd6 vd19 vd4 vd20 vd3 vd9 vd10 vd13 vd15 vd14

… and if your Man Candy looks anything like this guy, you don’t need us to tell you that you shouldn’t be shopping for ANY underwear at all … vd17

So this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you all to take things into your own hands … 😉 vd12



7 comments on “Man Candy: ♥♡♥ Boxers or Briefs? ♡♥♡

  1. My mom has great taste in men and fashion ;). Yummmmyyy

    ~ Maya ~

  2. Just what I needed before I hit the sheets – THANKS!!

  3. what a post staring to all these lovely guys, thanks for ideas for the gifts !

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