Stop Staring! 40’s Inspired Fashion

Today’s post is inspired by women’s retro dresses and my love of the 1940’s era when Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner and Susan Hayward ruled the Silver Screen, while most women imitated them, wearing simple, formfitting outfits with matching hats/snoods and gloves. And those hairstyles … to die for!

One of my favorite online stores for “new vintage” is Unique Vintage. The site sells the most fabulous retro-inspired dresses for the modern gal. Unique Vintage is where I stumbled upon the label, Stop Staring, and I fell in love! Stop Staring makes the sexiest, yet timeless and classic dresses – and I can’t get enough.

The following look is my modern take on the 40’s style. The dress is by Stop Staring and it is my favorite wardrobe staple for Sunday brunch with friends, an intimate dinner with the husband, or a walk in the park (yes, I will find any excuse to dress up!).

Dress: Stop Staring/Unique Vintage / Hat: Charming Charlie / Coin Purse: Vintage Whiting & Davis / Heels: Kelly & Katie @ DSW









31 comments on “Stop Staring! 40’s Inspired Fashion

  1. You look like you just came from the set of ‘Pearl Harbor’ – really nice!

  2. Ultra chic! Excellent look!! xxx

  3. Gorgeous dress!
    And such a great colour on you. How nice that you can were the colour of the year. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous!!! That dress is perfection on you – and I love the addition of the hat. You look wonderful!

  5. What a beautiful green dress!

    You look amazing.

  6. Love the dress!! 🙂

    kookyswank fashion

  7. Your outfit is sooo perfect! :*
    ~ Maya ~

  8. Stunning! What a great color! You rocked the dress.

  9. I love their things, and you look fabulous! That dress is one of my favorites on their website.

  10. You belong in “The Notebook” with this dress. It looks like it was made for you. I am a big fan of the fashion of that decade and I think you nailed the look. It’s timeless!


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