200 Causes for a Celebration!

Nensi and I are beyond excited to have reached our 200th follower today! Little did we know when we started our blog that it would be so much fun or that the blog would attract a single reader. We have been introduced to some amazing fashion blogs and we can’t get enough – wish we could name all our favorites, but the list is endless because it includes each and every one of you – our followers.

Us gals will find any good excuse to get together and have cocktails, but today we really had the best reason to celebrate! So here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all our fashionable followers – we raise a toast to you. CHEERS!

Props to our sexy photographer, Steve Lengua aka my husband – you should do this for a living because you gots skillz! A special thank you to our prop/set-up assistant, Maya. Check out Maya’s new blog, SumwhereOnlyiKnow – it’s pretty awesome!















35 comments on “200 Causes for a Celebration!

  1. Congrats girls!! Awesome photos and great news !

  2. Congratulations! What a milestone.
    I’m glad to be one of your followers 🙂
    The sexy and sexier signs are so cute haah
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day so far xx Karen

  3. Wow, that is exciting. Glad to be part of your success story. You are both so adorable…now give me the whte boots and I’ll go away…

  4. Is this all you women ever think about – clothes and wine? Ha, gotcha back.

  5. Love your nails! You ladies are awesome@ Keep up the great work! Congrats! ❤

  6. Congrats! And oh what fun this photo shoot must have been – your overall looks kill!

  7. you really really rock!!!!! Love u! xxx

  8. Congrats! You gals know how to have fun!

  9. Congratulations and cheers girls ……make from tonight a special evening, lovely skinny jeans !

  10. Congratulations! You guys make celebrating look good and stylish. Cheers!

  11. wow, congrats girls!
    loved it all
    if you like dresses await your visit
    brazilian greetings

  12. Congrats to both of you! I live your blog and as a new blogger (2 weeks into it) you are an inspiration! Love your celebration pics 👍💗🍷

  13. Congrats lovelies and sweet outfits 🙂

  14. Congratulations ! “200 followers” is quite something ! Keep on the good work ! XOXO

    • Oh it is definitely “quite something” in our book! We consider it a huge accomplishment and are very grateful for all the new friends we’ve made here. Thank you so much for your support! ❤ ❤

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