Saturday Man Candy: Sparkling Marc Jacobs

Ladies, we know you’ve seen this everywhere — the word is out (and so is the hot and steamy Diet Coke commercial) that a man who’s life has been decorated with numerous awards, due to his designer collections of amazing shoes, watches, perfumes and handbags, has recently been named Creative Director of the Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary campaign: “Sparkling Together for 30 Years.” … and is nominated for the “Perfect Man Candy Specimen” award by the two Creative Directresses of this blog, who have a hard time saying “No” to hot, shirtless and sexy men.

Yes, we’re talking about the fabulous Marc Jacobs, who at age of 49, has still got it going on, and therefore has, for obvious reasons, earned to sparkle in our fashionable Saturday Man Candy posts. Even though Marc (breathing a heavy sigh) is an openly gay male, we proudly salute his hotness. This man does everything with style, and we just can’t get enough!

marc4 marc1 marc3 Marc5 Marc6 marc2 Marc7

Stay tuned for next week’s Man Candy, delicious model Andrew Cooper, The newest Diet Coke Man 🙂 and ladies, this one will make your mouth water (and other unmentionable places). Here’s a little preview: 😉

Cooper1 Sig

6 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Sparkling Marc Jacobs

  1. Can you get me him for Christmas or my birthday 🙂 ????

  2. ooh lala *whistles* *wolf noise*

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