OOTD: Easy Rider

Ever since I was a teenager and watched the movie Easy Rider, I must admit I have had a penchant for motorcycles, hippie and biker chic fashion, and the open desert. What makes motorcycles so appealing to me? the thrill of riding fast, the freedom and lawlessness it entails, and the ability to wear boots that kick ass!

I loved the characters’ style in Easy Rider and I guess it’s no surprise that top fashion labels, such as Chanel and Free People, have drawn inspiration from the classic film.

This is one of my all-time favorite fashion photographs from Free People’s 2010 catalog inspired by Easy Rider. I just love the air of raw, sexy seductiveness in the pic.


My own “biker chic look” was inspired by the movie. Unlike Free People, there is a little less fringe and lace and a whole lot of leather! Thanks to our friend, Marty, for letting me test out his sexy ride.

Jacket: Love Culture / Peplum Top: Macy’s, Bar III / Skinny Jeans: Macy’s, Else Jeans / Boots: Steve Madden / Cross Necklace: DIY, Hobby Lobby

Ride Sig

Easy Rider Easy Rider3 EasyRider2 Easy Rider4 EasyRider11 Easy Rider5 Easy Rider6 Easy Rider7 EasyRider14 EasyRider17 EasyRider15

36 comments on “OOTD: Easy Rider

  1. Your Motorcycle style is crazy good. I use to ride on the back of them with my stepfather. They’re So Much Fun : )

  2. cool biker look. Love your boots.

  3. your biker look is so awesome cause its biker but its also girly because of that cute peplum top.nice.

  4. You sure are gorgeous!!! xxx

  5. Love love love this look on you! Rocking it!

  6. You make one bad ass lookin’ biker bitch. Love it!

  7. Omg love your boots!

  8. Great look! I love that you are on the bike and you have your badass biker boots on too!


  9. This is awesome. I love those studded combat boots you’re studding. Also the photography is cool, especially the low angle shots. Great post 🙂 xx Karen

  10. Great shots and cool look. Love the booties and the striped peplum top 😀



  11. So cool! Love everything about this post.

  12. Cool pics, honey, That bike is hot and you on it too!!;)

  13. Cool photos and I loved your chic peplum shirt and Madden boots, both gorgeous !

  14. I love the pics! You look great on the bike!


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