Saturday Man Candy: Lucky Vanous, The Original Diet Coke Stud

A hot construction worker providing some breaktime viewing pleasure to the working ladies, drinking his ice cold refreshment in the only way he knows how – shirtless! C’monnn ladies…does it get any better than this??!!

Meet Lucky Vanous (no, really, that is his genuine name), whose steamy 1994 coke commercial still makes us want to take a Diet Coke break. The first time Nensi and I saw this commercial, we were somewhere in a college dorm (yes, shows you how old we really are) panting “I Want To Make Love To You” to the delicious hunk of a man on the TV screen. He was undeniably the original “McSteamy”:

LuckyVanous11 LuckyVanous10 LuckyVanous12

Lucky, who is now well into his fifties and still looks fab, is quite the catch. He resides in LA, living the life of a bachelor with his pet parrot, Mr. Zeke, and owns his own restaurant chain called Lucky Devils. Successful entrepeneur, friend to the animals as well as to ogling women, and easy on the eyes – we should all be so “Lucky” πŸ˜‰



8 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Lucky Vanous, The Original Diet Coke Stud

  1. It takes something really good to make me comment and you have provided that. He is a stunning man, beautiful even. I couldn’t stop looking. Thanks for a happy way to start my day…

  2. Marc Jacobs, eat your heart out ! Have a great (and hot !) Monday !!! XOXO

  3. I love a rugged man with chest hair… Lovely post, darling!


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  5. I definitely remember this commercial (who wouldn’t!) – nice to know he has been a successful entrepreneur too.

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