OOTD: Miss Me Much?

Remember Brooke Shields’ famous quote “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”? That’s exactly how I feel about my Miss Me Jeans! I am a proud owner of 7’s, Joe’s, True Religions, Paper Denim, Guess, Bebe, Levis, MEK, Rock &  … you name it, I probably have them hanging in my closet, however, one pair of my Miss Me jeans is irreplaceable. What makes them special is that I can go from hot mess to just simply hot within seconds. Common ladies, you know what I’m talking about … the kind of jeans that always “feel” good on our bodies, even on big ass, bad hair, large hips, fat, bad days … the kind that fit you perfectly when nothing else does … you throw ‘em on and you know you look hot, ready to take on the world.

Jeans weren’t always popular amongst women, but have long evolved into staples in our closets. Women’s jeans have become so versatile, they can be considered dressed up or down, even worn to work. I have owned this pair for the past 5 years, and they have aged beautifully, forming themselves into my second skin. I actually own several different kinds of Miss Me jeans, but “Studs & Glitz”, featuring embellished studs on belt loop and front/back pockets, as well as heavy white stitching, are my favorite by far. They are my “feel good” jeans. The longer they live, the more character they get, and that’s what makes them beautiful.

So for this post, I decided to show you why I love my Miss Me jeans so much. I paired my favorite jeans with an old Miss Me top, Tommy Hilfiger bag,  adorable dollhouse pumps, drema necklace, and a Lake Shore Drive glitter ring. I completed the look by adding a splash of red on my lips, arm candy, and my piggies.

miss3 miss2 miss1

Nothing comes between me and my Miss Me jeans.



24 comments on “OOTD: Miss Me Much?

  1. Great idea and fab post. Lookin’ good Girl! I love my Miss Me jeans, too. The perfect fit with a little bling!

  2. Great post! I can totally relate, I feel the same way about a pair of Hudson Jeans I’ve had for years!

  3. Love this outfit and love Miss Me jeans too. I have a pair of faves from this brand also 🙂

  4. Great outfit – love the necklace

  5. Lovely outfit, I like mono colors, it speaks of style.

  6. No wonder you love these jeans so much : you look awesome in them, and you styled them gorgeously ! Have a perfect weekend ! XOXO

  7. Yes, I did miss you. Glad to see you looking great as always.

  8. By the way, your bracelet is awesome, you didn’t mention where that’s from.

  9. Love the head to toe blue!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent – I got my press credentials and am heading to World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto! Plus, some vintage photos from my last stint there!


  10. […] perfect for all of us petite girls. The girls at FreeUrCloset have a great post about go to jeans here.  Check out their blog it is […]

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