Saturday Man Candy: Do you need your windows cleaned?


Even though we’re not much of soda drinkers, lately, we seem to be Diet Coke addicts, haha that is to say that we’re addicted to the steamy Diet Coke ads featuring shirtless hunks like gorgeous Robert Merrill.

This handsome multitalented stud with a law degree, can also be credited with a career in pro-baseball, international modeling, acting, producing and professional photography. The hunk, whose true talent lies beneath his shirt, admits to enjoying the reversal of roles and tormenting us by steaming up our windows with his deliciously chiseled torso in this sexy and provocative 1998 Diet Coke TV Commercial:

It is not a surprise that this TV ad has won the “Most Popular Advert” award in 1998. A mouth watering stud who can multitask and also does windows is truly a rare and refreshing find. Thirsty anyone? I think we should all make an appointment to have our windows cleaned 😉

rm6 rm1 rm7 rm2 rm8

Wishing you all a fulfilling 11:30 appointment, and a spectacular weekend ahead.


13 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Do you need your windows cleaned?

  1. Yes, i definitely need some household help, not only the windows 🙂 🙂

  2. He’s hired for window cleaning for twice a day. Impatiently waiting.

  3. I loved these photos so yes! hahaha

    if you like sketches of dresses await your visit!
    Brazilian greetings

  4. I think I am going to create a line of lady’s bibs for all the window washing drooling that’s going on here.

  5. Maybe, but not this guy! I just spy for blog material.

  6. […] you need your windows cleaned? This image is amazing (partly because of the man candy as labeled by FreeUrCloset) but more of because it makes me want to drink Coke right now. Great ad especially because […]

  7. This makes me want to drink Coke :p Great ad indeed!

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