Saturday Man Candy: The Dapper Dresser

This week’s man candy is dedicated to a guy after our own heart – a fashion blogger! We love a man with effortless style and elegance (not to mention a sexy bod to boot) and Adam Gallagher is the perfect embodiment of both.

Quoted from a blogger bio site: “Adam Gallagher is a 20-something year old free spirited Libra from Riverside, California living in LA. With experience in modeling, styling and photography, his dreams of succeeding in the fashion industry are paramount. He’s been blogging since 2009 and holds the number 1 male spot on Lookbook.nu. Loves cats, risk takers, the color burgundy, mac n cheese, chapstick and to inspire and be inspired.”

Oh, Mr. Gallagher, you can inspire us anytime 😉

Ladies, if you haven’t heard of Adam’s blog, I am Galla, before then run (don’t walk) on over there – you will thank us later!

In the meantime, here are a few pics to seduce your Saturday fashion dreams. xoxo


Photos Source: IamGalla.com

IamGalla2 IamGalla9 IamGalla IamGalla5 IamGalla7

14 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: The Dapper Dresser

  1. Awesome…love a stylish man 😉

  2. Yeah he looks pretty great!!!!

  3. He´s cool and stylish and so handsome. Eye candy for sure 🙂




  4. adorable!
    Beautiful and confortable
    I loved it!

    if you like sketches of dresses await your visit!
    Brazilian greetings

  5. Love it and your style! If you get the chance go like my Mens Blog on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nthblog

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