Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy

Have you ever seen a man who makes you pregnant just by looking at him? Well, ladies (and gents) meet the father of our beautiful dream babies — The Magnificent David James Gandy!

dg7 dg11

Not only is this bronzed, sexy man-god our fantasy Adonis, but he’s also a famous male model(actually, he’s the super model of male modeling, yes, David is the male Gisele), who stumbled on the modeling scene completely by accident. Unbeknownst to David, his friends (whom we thank from the bottom of our lustful drooly hearts) entered him into a televised model search competition, which he ended up winning (of course) and the rest is history, which led him to many nominations and awards in the modeling industry.


This 6’3 British sun-kissed tasty treat (you know how we love a man with an accent ;)) with undeniably gorgeous piercing blue eyes (and other, ahem, attributes we’d like to be “pierced” with) made his debut in the unforgettable Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance campaign ads wearing nothing but skimpy white trunks. This reserved British gent admits to being embarrassed to tell his parents about the ad because he didn’t think it was going to be such a large crotch shot. He says: Then the attention started to build and the ad was everywhere. My friends would text me saying, ‘David, are you sure your pictures big enough?’”

dg4 dg17 dg10 dg13David is not only a pretty face (and body), or a sharp dresser who’s graced the covers of numerous magazines, and has “catwalked” many miles (straight into our erotic dreams). Mr Gandy is a University of Gloucestershire graduate who is an avid animal lover, involved in many charitable works, and even has created a number of admirable apps (David Gandy Fitness Men, David Gandy Style Guide for men!) David is a very witty writer, contributing car reviews for British GQ, as well as blogging for British Vogue. Not bad for a dreamy stud in skimpy white trunks ;).

dg6 dg5 dg15 dg14

Another thing we loooove about this manly Essex god is that he likes both blondes and brunettes 😉 Here are Natasha and I in David’s arms at different premieres.


Haha, almost had ‘ya. Those are two lucky ladies to be dubbed David’s “girlfriends”. A girl can dream … and that is why we will admit that we like it best when he attends premieres alone. Selfish much? Nah, lets call it “territorial”, hihihi


In addition, David has recently been named the brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Isn’t it Mark Twain who said “Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.” That is exactly how we feel about our larger than life, ruggedly handsome David Gandy.

dg8 dg9

Be sure to check out his official facebook page for more delicious photos and links to his blogs. Happy looking!


50 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy

  1. Great post!! Definitely man candy that is probably as delicious as he looks

  2. Yeah, looks great, though somehow too sweet for my taste. But note, how wrinkles go well on his face while I’ve never seen them go well on any woman’s face.

    • While writing this post, I actually learned that David’s not fond of his nose and thinks his ears are too big, and a man (this hot) who’s not an arrogant fool, is Über sexy! (wrinkles and all) 😉

  3. Hotness!

    A new outfit post and photo diary from World MasterCard Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent


  4. He is the most beautiful thing in the world! I feel like I am pregnant after reading this post 😉

  5. Aha, ha, ha, ha! I didn’t even need to get past the first line. Too funny, too great!

  6. Me encanta…. La verdad q tiene un atractivo que te deja embobada !!!! Todo un apuesto galán!!

    • Agreed, Gandy is a total package, however, Natasha and I were curious if such a handsome, stylish man as yourself, would consider letting us feature you in our next “hunk” post, because you are a total Man Candy material. If you’re interested, please shoot us an email


  7. Fantastic post! Love it! The first lines are too funny. God, then I´m months along LOL
    I really enjoyed reading the post. Love your sense of humor!!! 🙂

  8. GREAT, GREAT post!!! And very funny!… I love David Gandy. He’s my candy…

    • We’re so glad to see that there is a blog dedicated to this god’s gift to women. We will be visiting often ;), and also thank you for the reblog! XO

      • Thanks ever so for the mention, I really appreciate it. Look forward to chatting with you again. I LOVE what you’ve written about David on here, look forward to reading more. Cheers, Andrea xo

  9. David’s so hot he probably doesn’t have to blow out his candles. He just has to look at them and they faint.

  10. Love the ad for Dolce and Gabbana. Thats the first one I saw of him and said he looked like a “Gideon Cross” or a “Christian Grey”. Very handsome man, but the only one I dont like is the cowboy hat one………………he doesn’t fit that look. Although rugged and built, he has the more sophisticated look of old/new millions! Although, there is really nothing to complain about look at him…………………….dreamy, handsome and hot!

    • Kathleen … dreamy, handsome and hot = great words to describe David Gandy. Not only is he a sharp dresser, but he does everything with style. I read that he had a hard time getting booked for modeling jobs, and am so thrilled that the male modeling industry realized that (rugged and built) “manly” = sexy. Cheers to Mr.Classy and Sophisticated (two more words we can credit David with ;)) XOXO

  11. I remember his add for Light blue years ago in a magazine. Flash forward a decade and the man has aged better than an expensive bottle of fine wine.

  12. Reblogged this on Words from across Oceania and commented:
    Brilliant must read on our beloved David Gandy *Swoon*

  13. I never get tired of looking at his beautiful face. ❤

    • We can’t get enough of David’s beautiful face,”piercing” eyes, gorgeous hair, luscious lips, perfect arms, manly hands, sizzling chest, that six pack, amazing legs, (oh boy, I think I’m pregnant again!)

  14. He is so hot. Why can’t there be clones of him 🙂 I never get tired of looking at his eyes.

  15. I Love you David!!!!!

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  17. […] Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy […]

  18. […] Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy […]

  19. […] Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy […]

  20. Sham3 I cant triple like . He def is some fine candy …

  21. Reblogged this on Pandora's Box and commented:
    # Hmmm the lovely and delicious treasure Dandy Gandy via Free Your Closet Blog! *Swoon*

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