Saturday Man Candy: Bad Boy of Ballroom to the Maks!

Is it just us, or does every woman dream of being “handled” by a passionate man who’d pin her against the wall, whisper sexy words in her ear, rip off her panties (preferably with his teeth, hehe) and make wild love to her right then and there? Forget fancy footwork and feast your eyes on those big muscles and a bad boy attitude … meet our Man Candy of the week, a hunk who lives up to his glorious name (and I’m sure I’ve got all his man parts covered)  Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  😜


Dressed or (preferably) shirtless, Maksim always has our full attention:


Oh yes, I remember it well, being shushed by Natasha during a Dancing With the Stars show, and realizing exactly why she was so intent on watching a certain performance.

I never even gave DWTS a chance. Who wants to watch some twinkle toed petite men dancing the Ballroom with Über flexible women? Not this girl …  at least not until the moment I saw the sexy, 6’2 beast of a man called Maksim! The moment he made his appearance, I felt he was shaking his bon-bon just for me. It was lust at first sight!

A hot stud with all the right moves … just feast your eyes on this trophy winning torso:


Yes ladies, you got the right idea … dance floor leads to bedroom ;p

From that point on, season after season, we became fans of this Ukrainian sex machine, appropriately dubbed “The Bad Boy of Ballroom”. We’d leave it to Maksim’s raw maleness to get us all hot and bothered every week, wishing we were the ones to play nurse to him during his leg injury, and finding comfort that his other “legs” were intact, hihihi.

Here are just a few television moments that have left us panting and screaming for more, where week after week he demonstrated his domineering power over his more than willing partners:


We appreciate how Maks shows off his “flexible” side with his lucky partners: Willa Ford, Brandi, Melissa Gilbert and Kirstie Alley.


Can you feel the passion behind the fancy footwork with partners Mel B and Karina Smirnoff?


Only one nice word comes to mind here: HOT! with lucky Hope Solo.


And our Maksim sure knows how to make the ladies swoon (with partners Joanna Krupa, Denise Richards and Willa Ford) … sigh … my leg would be up even higher!


And who could forget the blindfolded waltz with Erin Andrews? Quoting judge Bruno Tonioli “it starts in a blindfold and ends up in handcuffs” … and my bed, of course, wink wink.

I’d sure like to wrap my legs around that muscle … ahem, I totally meant my arms around those muscles … whew … one cold shower later, and hopefully I can finnish this post before I run out of cold water …

Needless to say, Maks broke our lusty little hearts when it was announced that he will not be returning to SWTS for this (16th) season … but he more than made up for that by his surprise appearance in our favorite soap, General Hospital, where he bared it all, as the leader of the (6) pack, during his steamy and unforgettable Port Charles’ Nurses Ball performance!


Uffff … it sure is getting hot in here … again.

Maksim is a current owner of four dance studios in the greater New York  area, so ladies, if you’re in town, make sure you get your Argentine Tango lesson on with hunky Maks at his “Dance With Me” Studio.  Through his company, Maksim Chmerkovskiy Productions, he organizes performances globally and has also choreographed a Las Vegas dance routine called Le Rêve. He’s also hosted a show and played the part of “The Bachelor” on Ukrainian television.


With all these accomplishments, we’re left to wonder what’s next in store for this ballroom beef cake … hmm … I totally foresee a hot movie roll and a steamy shower scene in his near future, wouldn’t you agree?


It has just been announced by ABC that our Mr. hot pants will be making an appearance at the Dancing With The Stars this coming Monday (April 15!) … So make sure you tune in, and check him out to the Maks! I know what we’ll be doing Monday night 😜Max17Sig

12 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Bad Boy of Ballroom to the Maks!

  1. Oh ‘this’ is very, very nice!

  2. Looks great, who wouldn’t partner with him, hm, not only for a dance 🙂

  3. Handsome and he can dance…..a girls dream!

  4. Don’t know him but he looks super handsome! xxx

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