Saturday Man Candy: Kissing Kloss

Josh Kloss
Speechless. Tongue-tied. Breathless. Hot and bothered. Thirsty. Hungry. Lustful. Orgasmic. Horny!
This is what staring at Josh Kloss’ photo for too long does to us. Drool towel, anyone? Feast your eyes on our 6’2 WET DREAM of a man, Mr. Joshua Kloss!
Josh Kloss 2
Sometimes you don’t need to see the entire goods to get all hot and bothered, not that we would complain if we did 😉
Josh Floss 21
Josh Floss 1

32-year old Josh Kloss is a (super)model, actor, singer, and former cowboy (yes we said cowboy ;)). Born and raised in Portland, he says he grew up in Pendleton, a cowboy town, where he was put to work at a young age. That background helped him out when he got his first big modeling break…as The Stetson Man ;). During his college days, he studied vocal performance. He then moved to Hollywood to be in a band and become an actor. His first major role was on the Fox teen hit show, “The O.C.

If you’ve watched Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” music video, you probably found yourself drooling over Josh as he played Katy’s studly, six-packed love interest. Josh made Katy feel like a teenager again and a good majority of those watching as well. I know he made us wish for a glimpse into his skin tight jeans, ohhhh be our teenage dream tonight ;).

Josh has since appeared in a great number of magazines such as “Monolougue” and “GQ“. He is also the handsome face of Pal Zileri men’s fashion, Impetus underwear, and PINYO men’s jewelry.

Josh Kloss 4 Josh Kloss 6 Josh Kloss 5

Josh Kloss 7
In a personal interview Josh was asked to name three things that can seduce him. His answer was long hair, intent, a kiss
Ding, ding! I think we have what you’re looking for Mr. Kloss. And we intend to seduce you with more than just a kiss 😉 hihihi
If you want to learn more on this rough, tough, and beautiful man then check out his site, joshuakloss.com
Happy drooling!

13 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Kissing Kloss

  1. Girls, I am having a hart attack! You are killing me with these pictures, and my husband is away!!!

  2. oh sexy haha 🙂
    nice blog!

    Kent Jeffrey

    Dudes And Chicks

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this living masterpiece (for me, supermodel Kloss meant the gorgeous Karlie Kloss, now I know there’s another option !). XOXO

  4. That’s really a man to go drool and with the first picture of him when opening your post, I was sold! 🙂

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