Saturday Man Candy: We Like Him Fast and Furious

PaulWalker18 PaulWalker19

Hot guys, fast cars and exotic locations. What else might you need from a movie? Oh yeah…this guy right here. Yes, we are talking about The Fast and the Furious alum, blue-eyed bandit, shirtless wonder and heart breaker extraordinaire, Mr. Paul Walker!


He is just begging to be dried off (with my tongue ;))

This 6’2 quintessential California boy is a lot more than just a sandy-haired surfer with a pretty face. The actor from Varsity Blues and The Fast and the Furious is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-itsu, a marine biologist, a race-car driver, and an earthquake relief provider. Yes, this hunk is a true Renaissance man. Even if he wasn’t ridiculously good-looking, we’d probably still be in love with him for his humanitarianism. But hey, that good-looking thing sure doesn’t hurt 😉

Let’s face it. We didn’t sit through all five trilogies of the Fast and the Furious for the great acting. Was there an actual storyline and plot to the movie? Who cares?! Our eyes were glued to Paul’s gorgeous face and delectable bod.
Now this is a HOT ride! The car is nice, too 😉
PaulWalker26 PaulWalker25
What’s next for this blue-eyed hunk of a man? He is reprising his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast and the Furious, Part 6. The new series is hitting the big screen at the end of this month. We know what we will be doing come Memorial Day weekend. Pass the popcorn! 😉

12 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: We Like Him Fast and Furious

  1. My favorite candy ** 😛

  2. I thought Saturday could not get any better but hello!

  3. Love Paul’s baby blues!

  4. Love his smile and his happy blue eyes. Saturday drooling for sure 🙂

  5. I checked this post yesterday, and today, and I will have a peek tomorrow, too 🙂

  6. I couldn’t read anything cos my focus is on those male hottie you in the pics lol 🙂

  7. I agree with Kimberly! he’s so hot ah… 🙂

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