Saturday Man Candy: The Greek Sensation

Who is this modern day Greek Adonis oozing sexual energy from every part of his body and why have I not heard of him before? This is what I asked Natasha when I set my eyes on the photos of our newest eye candy 😉

a greek hunk

Sakis Rouvas

Meet Anastasios “Sakis” Rouvas aka Saki Rouva a Greek dance-pop singer, actor, composer and television presenter. Sakis is considered to be (sorry Brad Pitt) the most beautiful man in the world. We are not entirely sure who gave him the title but you have to admit Saki’s physique is reminiscent of a living ancient statue of a Greek God. We’d like to run our fingers down that finely sculpted torso and explore his “other” chiseled attributes (hihihi)!

Sakis Collage 2

A former pole vaulter and member of the national athletics team, Rouvas started his musical career in 1991 and since became Greece’s first (and sexiest) pop singer, recognizable, to this day, as one of the top Greek and international performers. Famous for wearing skin tight white clothes and dancing to complex choreography during live performances, Sakis has been called the “Ricky Martin”of Greek performers. We surely appreciate watching his video performances, as Sakis is a multitalented man machine who manages to sing and thrust his stuff all at the same time. The man is hot sex on a stage 😉
Sakis Rouvas 11 Sakis Rouvas Sakis Rouvas
Speaking of his many talents, Sakis has embarked on multiple singing and philanthropic projects during his career. He represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and 2009. Sakis was also a judge in the ever-so-popular, The X-Factor (the Greek version of American Idol). He has won numerous awards for his albums making him one of Greece’s best-selling music artists in history.
Sakis Rouvas Sakis Rouvas 12
At age 40, Sakis is a father of two and sexier than ever. He continues to woo the ladies with his vocals and his sexual antics on stage.
For more info on our Greek God and to watch his top performances, visit Sakisrouvas.com

3 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: The Greek Sensation

  1. Wow what a body, gorgeous man 🙂

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