OOTD: Anchors Aweigh ⚓

What I love about Nautical themed clothing, is that it never fully goes out of style. It can be found in the horizontal stripes, or in the color combinations of navy blue, white, gold and reds. Nautical fashion seems to make a comeback each and every Spring.

So when I saw this fun striped dress, I was sure I would be wearing it for many seasons to come. Worn with cork heels in matching colors and paired with nautical accessories, such as a red belt, colorful head scarf, funky gold fish necklace and bangles, blue and white stripped earrings, topped off with big dark sunglasses, I was ready to sail away.       All aboard?


Dress: AMISU / Shoes: Guesshere / Handbag: Tommy Hilfiger / Sunglasses: Benetton / Necklace: Drema / Bracelets & Earrings: JCPenney.

20130502_184600 20130502_18523620130502_183555 20130502_183709 20130502_183742 20130502_184038 20130502_183606 20130502_184543 20130502_183725 20130502_18375020130502_184637 20130502_185136 20130502_184114

I’m about to set sail with my Mr Dreamboat. Anchors Aweigh!


(Yes, I’m still suffering from Gandy fever … who can blame me ;))

Here are some other ways of wearing nautical themed dresses. I think I’ve pulled off a cross between Dita and Eva look. How do you wear your stripes?


Miss Simple: Taylor Swift
Miss Flirty: Dita Von Teese
Miss Classy: Evan Mendes
Miss Sexy: Leighton Meester

39 comments on “OOTD: Anchors Aweigh ⚓

  1. That bag of yours is lovely….. and you look sure pretty… and you look prettier than Taylor swift tho! *wink*

  2. Love it!! Another fun outfit and awesoke pics.. the gratuitous Gandy candy shot is always appreciated 😉

  3. I love all about this post! Can not wait to sail away this summer 🙂

  4. Beautiful stylish photos and I love a lot your look, especially because it so feminine:) By the way very nice place to make your photo-shoot there!

  5. Loving this nautical look on you.

  6. I like the nautical look and I love those earrings. You always look fabulous!

  7. I absolutely love this outfit, right to that fish necklace! So wonderful.

  8. I really like your shoes 🙂

  9. Stripes and headscarves unite! Love the striped shoes plus the FABULOUS fish necklace! 🙂

    • Thank you Jen, small world ;). I was going to wear my pearls, but opted for the ‘fish’ necklace and fun stripped earrings at the last minute. Glad you like it. XOXO

  10. Hello sailor! 😉
    Love your Navy chic look!
    Stunning in these heels! Kiss

  11. Fabulous, and that necklace omg!!!! What a perfect outfit for a perfect venue love it!

  12. i love this look!
    so beauty

    brazilian greetings

  13. Wow, with your fabulous look you could go straight to the Cannes Film Festival and turn heads !!! I adore nautical fashion (after all, Jean Paul Gaultier is my fave designer and I have worn his Breton tops for the last 17 years !!!). XOXO

    • Did you know that Jean Paul Gaultier had also designed a “breton” Diet Coke can campaign for the UK market? That’s because breton tops are classic. Thanx for the complements, luv, Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

      • I loved the Diet Coke cans that JPG designed, and I’m the proud owner of his “Breton” Coca-Cola light® (that’s how they’re called in France !) bottle ! A huge thank you for thinking of me !!! Have a fabulously glamorous weekend ! XOXO

  14. Fantastic! And the accessories are smashing – everything in the right place!

  15. just gorgeous! I love everything about this nautical outfit and the boats + water just add to the whole theme! Plus I love the dress + the belt!

  16. I agree sweetie…Nautical is timeless and always looks fresh. You look Fab and I so want those gorgeous shoes! 🙂

  17. True, Nautical fashion never goes out of style and this is a lovely outfit.

  18. I love the nautical look and you are one hot sailor!
    love the outfit and the adorable fish necklace!

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