Saturday Man Candy: Tantalizing Thomas Jane


What woman doesn’t dream about a well hung beast who knows how to use his “tool” in ways that haven’t even been invented?   We have been Thomas Jane fans long before his hit show, HUNG, but, admittedly, it was the prospect of seeing Thomas butt-naked that had us glued to our TV sets every Sunday night throughout all 3 seasons, biting our lips during the tantalizing Thomas teasers … a show that has Thomas, sex, and more Thomas, and with the title like HUNG? We know you all watched the hot HBO series …

… don’t worry, we won’t tell, because we cock-a-doodle-did too! 🐓🐓

hung1 hung2

Thomas Jane is a well accomplished actor, but we do have to say that to us, he is known for the steamy-hunky roles he’s portrayed in the last two yummy-licious decades. Not many actors can be credited with working with some of the Hollywood’s sexiest leading ladies, such as Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Angelina Jolie, Anne Heche, Julianne Moore, Heather Graham and Demi Moore.

Just to give you a few examples of his drool-worthy big screen moments:

Velocity of Gary where Thomas played the sexy lead role of Gary:


The fearless hunky hero Carter Blake in a shark thriller, Deep Blue Sea:                     (We are still waiting for you to rescue us, Carter  😜 )

hung21 hung22

His eye popping and jaw dropping scenes in Original Sin, where Thomas portrays the über sexy bad boy by the name of Bill Walter Downs Mephisto:


To see more highly tense sexual chemistry between Thomas and Angelina, watch the steamy video here — THOMAS JANE AND ANGELINA JOLIE IN ORIGINAL SIN

Do you remember him as dashing Peter Donahue in The Sweetest Thing?                (Oh, Peter, we’d love to hunt you down …)


Hmmm … and we do love him in The Punisher as Thomas takes on the leading role of dark, fit and sexy Frank Castle:

… (We’ve been very naughty girls, Frank, we are ready to receive our punishment … grrrowwl …) 😝


Thomas Jane had been nominated for numerous Actor, FFCC, Satellite and Golden Globe awards, but here are “7 Sexy Thomas’ Awards” we are nominating him for:

1. Stud Award for a Stud who knows how to handle his weapons:

hung12 hung27 hung11

2. Sexy Man Award for a Sexy Man who makes cigar smoking look stylish, regardless of whether making a personal or political statement:

hung5 hung6 hung8 hung7

3. Silver Screen Hottie Award for a Hottie whose kissing scenes are joyously burned into our memories:

hung37 hung38

4. Hunk Award for a Hunk who is hot even when trying to look like a hot mess     (all while, of course, not wearing a shirt):


5. Manly-Man Award for a A Manly-Man who likes to take it off:

hung28 hung30 hung31 hung32

6. A Handsome Award for a Handsome Devil with serious sense of fashion:

hung15 hung33 hung34 hung35

7. (Our personal favorite) Mr. McSteamy Award for a Steamy lover who’s not shy in flaunting his glorious “asset”:

hung23 hung24

Which of the “7 Sexy Thomas’ Awards” would you bestow upon Thomas Jane?         Do share …

We’d like to end this post with the words spoken By Thomas Jane in an interview with USA Today:

“Billy Bob Thornton said something that stuck with me: Find out what kind of animal you are, and be that animal. I’m finally discovering what kind of animal that is. “Which is? “The kind that wants to make hard-boiled, hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners punk-rock action movies.

We want to unleash your inner animal Mr. Jane … As always, we like to give credit where it’s due, and Thomas has quite the fan following, including my new plaid pants blog that has some of the juiciest Thomas Jane pictures (a few of which our post has, hopefully, tormented you with).

Wishing you a very Tantalizing Weekend (7 Sexy Thomas’ included)!  👅


18 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Tantalizing Thomas Jane

  1. alright alright im convinced! he is hunky chunky! 🙂

  2. I watched Hung as it was filmed in Michigan, that show was hilarious.

  3. Saturday many candy can only be good for everyone.

  4. You candy man posts are totally H O T !!!!

  5. hmm, wonderful choice, as always 😉 I missed to check the post on Saturday but Monday is a wonderful day for this – a fresh, sexy start of the week 🙂 🙂

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  7. Jesus! You’re going to give heart attack. So hot!

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