Saturday Man Candy: Getting Zesty with Anderson Davis

Zesty Guy 1A steamy, half-naked hunk cooking in the kitchen and asking us how ZESTY we like it? Now this is a man after our own heart. We’re suddenly craving al dente pasta feast, with a side of his hot Italian sausage! 😜

Hungry anyone? Have we got a zesty treat for you …

The new Kraft commercials have surely grabbed our full and undivided attention and we can’t get salad dressing (and slapping pizza dough) off our dirty little minds 😉
Or is it Anderson Davis, the hot stud featured in the commercials, that we can’t get off our minds?
Or do we just want to pour salad dressing all over Anderson’s buff bod? Oops! 😉
Suddenly, salad and its zesty condiment has never been more appealing!


Anderson Davis is not just the handsome new face of salad dressing, with rock hard pecs that make us drool and a sexy voice which makes us giggle with gleeful anticipation (aaahhh). Born and raised in Northern Cali, he is a lifelong competitive athlete who entered the modeling and acting world because of a sports injury. We are oh so thankful he did. Starring in over 25 National Commercials, Anderson has appeared in various magazines and worked with many of the top clients in the modeling and commercial world. Just take a look at this fine manly specimen in model action:

Anderson Davis 3 Anderson Davis 2

Anderson Davis 10

Zesty Guy 3

Mmmm. Mr. Zesty Man definitely inspires us to get a little naughty zesty. So when he teasingly asks us:


We can’t help but respond in the only way we know how 😉 :

Zestygram 2ZESTY1


For more info on Mr. Zesty Guy, Anderson Davis, check out his website at andersondavis.net

Ladies..if you’re not a twitter follower of @TheZestyGuy then you need to check him out! His tweets are a teasing treat 😉 If you want to share Mr. Zesty Guy with your friends, and get a BIG smile in the process, be sure to check out his Zestygrams. We know we’d love to receive one for every day of the week (hint, hint!).


18 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Getting Zesty with Anderson Davis

  1. Omg, I have seen this add, love it!

  2. I so love your responses to this super hot guy ! Oh Hey, by the way, a huge thank you for inspiring my publishing of the “Alice in Wonderland” post I did on May 30 ! A world full of hot guys like Anderson and gorgeous girls like you would be a Wonderland indeed ! (XOXO) X 2

  3. I seriously think this is too hot for me to be seeing, i mean i just turned 12 Lol……. that is one hot dude all the way – high-five girl for posting this yes cos am tired of always seeing only the girls half naked, we also need to see the men show some hot stuff… Thanks for posting this 😀

    • 12?! Omg now I feel a little guilty for posting half-naked mens LOL. Your blog is so grown up girl! Love it.
      And yes, we are glad to have the pleasure of objectifying men as eye candy 😉 xoxo

      • Haha!!!! like you believe that? LOL, Nah! am not 12 and am over 18 was just kidding…. it’s a phrase i always tell my friend when they show me something that’s too good but I don’t want to admit it to their face.

  4. hahaha!!! You are amazing girls!!! Your ads are perfect!
    Pic-nic anyone???

  5. hahahh you girls are the best! love your tributes to this hunk’s zesty commercials!
    following his twitter as we speak, too hot to miss out on!

  6. What a hunk! Drooling as I type!

  7. […] Saturday Man Candy: Getting Zesty with Anderson Davis (freeurcloset.wordpress.com) […]

  8. yum, suddenly feel like eating a bowl of salad… with dressing! 😉

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