OOTD: Key To My Heart


Key To My Heart

Late at night when I’m sound asleep,
Into my heart you softly creep.

I sit and wonder how it could be,
But you must have stumbled across the key.

This key holds the secret to true love and more,
So take it now and unlock the door.

And I pray that we will never part,
Now that you have the key to my heart.

Apparently, keys aren’t meant to be used only as odd looking metal tools that unlock doorknobs. These days, keys can be displayed as home decor as well as worn in fun print clothing, or proudly flaunted in intricate pieces of jewelry.

This is one of my favorite poems by author Nicole C. Moore. When I saw this whimsical dress, this poem immediately resurfaced in my memory, and all I wanted to do was share the poem and my outfit with all of you, who truly have the key to my heart!


How do you ‘wear’ your keys?


Dress: Wanelo, here / Shoes: Target / Purse: Bebe / Necklace: Forever21, here, Earrings: Walmart, here.


31 comments on “OOTD: Key To My Heart

  1. This dress is so cute *__*

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos, such a poignant poem and for telling me that I have the key to your heart ! I thought that my keys, attached to a small Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s teddy bear, were fashionably cool but your stunning dress and wonderful accessories are even cooler ! XXX

  3. The dress is a combination of cute and sexy with that cut out back 🙂

    • When I saw this dress, it wasn’t only the print that sold me on it. I fell in love with the fun open and flirty back. I’m so glad open back dresses are ‘in’ this summer! 💕

  4. You have officially brought down the ear-ring from your blog to your ear – lovely, LOL and you look pretty in that dress and the key pendant is lovely too

    • Thanx for noticing hun, I was just trying to do a “fun” post. I’ve always been fascinated by keys and hearts and thought it would be fun to put them together. 💗

  5. I love this post and you look gorgeous! And I only wear my ‘key’ Ted when he’s wrapped around my neck snuggling in the morning.

  6. Interesting dress, lovely 🙂

  7. Oh that is such a cute dress! Loving it.

  8. I so wanted one of the key necklaces from the Tiffany range …. dress looks nice.

  9. Simply adorable and love the poem as well. I don’t have any “keys” to wear.

  10. Oh, you look beautiful and I absolutely love your dress, fabulous post!! 🙂 ❤

    • Thanx D-anna, I wanted try do something a bit different with this post, (make it fun, young and fresh), and then didn’t like how the pictures turned out, hence the collages, lol, but I’m soooo glad you think it’s fabulous! 💋

  11. I can’t believe how cute that dress is! I used to wear a key necklace when I was younger. Love it!

  12. Always fabulous! Love the necklace.

  13. such an adorable dress, love this look! xx

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