Saturday Man Candy: Superfly Henry Cavill

sm17Shhhh … easy now ladies, we understand the excitement. A new Superman is coming to town … and he’s got a very impressive “stocking” ;). In case, you haven’t heard, the man behind the very fine spandex is a strapping Brit named Henry Cavill, haha, you know us and sexy foreigners with accents, pisshh.


Henry Cavill is a man of many faces, and a delish bod you’ll never forget. This hot 6’1 tower of super sexiness has had quite a career since his big screen debut in 2002 in The Count of Monte Cristo, following a long list of sexy roles, including a spicy Showtime series role in The Tudors.


The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) / Tristan + Isolde (2006) /                                                Stardust (2007) / Town Creek (2009)


Immortals (2011) / Whatever Works (2009)

Warner Bros. couldn’t have chosen a sexier man to fill the tights as the latest incarnation of eternal heartthrob Superbuff .. ahem we meant ‘Superman’.

hhmmm, we can just picture him … giving us a come hither look, sexy pose, spread on the floor, purrrrrrr … okay … sorry, it’s the Arizona heat … or maybe it’s us staring at his Dunhill Black ad that has our mind going … cause you already know that we like our men like our wine … smooth and quick to go down 😉


Or maybe it’s all the drooling over Henry’s impressively sculpted bod , that’s got us panting and purring:

sm10 sm11

Not only is Henry fluent in French, but he also knows some German and Italian. Wouldn’t that make Henry the perfect travel accessory on our next European adventure? We just love handy Superheroes with huge packages, ahem, there we go again … big hard muscles, who can lug large baggage, and look this hunky while doing it … mile high club Henry? Heck, Henry, won’t you please be our next European adventure? 😉


During our little pleasurable Henry research, we realized that he’s got quite a penchant for wearing leather jackets … and we would just love to feel his leather …


Actually, we’ll take a tall glass of Henry in ‘leather anything’ since he fills his leather so nicely … we’ll take two hard core Henrys to go🍸🍸  please 😜


… and his suit wearing skills have left us speechless, not an easy task might we add: 😝

sm8 sm14 sm19

Henry is absolutely the purrrrfect package … and we love him in blue and red .. We hear that he’s a candidate to play Christian Grey, in the 50 Shades of Grey adaptation. Aren’t you just dying to see him take on a ‘Grey’ role?

All this hot, hunky Henry horny holler …

… giving us a come hither look, sexy pose … my hand down his pants … 👅

… ohh, he’d look amazing spread on our floor … “ahhh, talk British to me baby” …


You know what we’ll be doing on 6/14/13! We’re ready for our treat (rubbing hands and paws together)! Roll on Release Day! 

sm3 sm15

Ladies, for desert, (if you’ve got 6 minutes to spare), we’ve found a little Henry treat for you, click here.  You can thank us later.


18 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Superfly Henry Cavill

  1. I saw the super man trailer and I never knew he was the same guy in stardust…. The dude is handsome no doubt but what more can I say all Superman are super fly.

  2. Oh Henry, I’ll take a hard core in the morning and one at night.

  3. These posts just crack me up and I eagerly await them….

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  5. I loved him in immortals! I could have watched that movie just for the eye candy! Can’t wait to see him in superman !

  6. Oh Superman, save meeee ❤ I love him 😀

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