Saturday Man Candy: The Hottest Dads on the Planet

What’s Father’s Day without a dose of our man candy featuring the hunkiest dads around? Not only are these men smokin’ hot, they give new, lustful meaning to the words “men with babies turn me on” 😉

Whether doing it fully clothed or shirtless, these gorgeous men sure know how to parent in style! We promise that we kept this one PG rated, which was REALLY hard to do 🙄

Superhunk Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth, has mastered the skill of holding his baby girl while looking deliciously studly at the same time.

Chris Hemsworth

Handsome Twilight actor, Cam Gigandet, sure knows how to carry a baby with finesse. über sexy!

Cam Gigandet

Shirtless Orlando Bloom (hubby to beautiful Miranda Kerr) looking majorly hot while doting on his son.

Orlando BloomGame of Thrones and Conan actor, Jason Momoa, is certainly the “biggest” and sexiest dad around. On a side note, we can’t stop staring at Jason’s giant muscle(s), long luscious hair, mysteriously attractive face and dreaming of him as Kahl Drogo riding shirtless on his powerful horse…ahhh, but we digress.. 😉

Jason Momoa 1

Television host and actor,Mario Lopez, showcasing his extraordinary naked physique while taking his daughter for a stroller ride.

Mario Lopez

David Beckham. Need we say more? The hottest dad on the planet. And he produces some good-looking offspring!

David Beckham

The Magnificent David Gandy.
Okay, Okay…so David may not be a “baby daddy” just yet. But if it’s true that just one Gandy look can make you pregnant, then there must be millions of Gandy babies around the world! Right ladies? Ahhhh…Gandy baby fever 😉

David Gandy

Happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there!

Happy Fathers Day


11 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: The Hottest Dads on the Planet

  1. Very very beautiful man and what I like for most they are so tender with their kids ! 🙂

  2. You know what ? Now, each time that I see David Gandy (the last time was a couple of hours ago on Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue” perfume ads, I don’t think about how sexy he is but I think about you (is it normal ????). XO

  3. I’ve always liked Chris Hemsworth he is just so gorgeous and with a baby in his arms, does not make him less HOT 😉 hehe great post, many great and sexy dads!

  4. Way to make this HARD. I’m partial to Chris Hemsworth & Cam Gigandet, but ultimately Becks prevails.

  5. That was terrific!

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