Did someone say Road Trip?!?

What could be better than a girls trip with your best friend? How about a girls trip to Sin City, Las Vegas? Cha-ching! Priceless! 

Every now and then (and never soon enough), us two, crazy, fun loving FreeUrCloset besties, get to embark on our own little adventures. We’ve been BFFL (Best Friends For Life) for over two decades, and have shared tons of road trip memories (the good, bad, funny and fugly, lol).


Like the time we went ‘cow tipping’, or the time ‘someone’ dared me to grab the Sheriff’s  crotch … #thegoodtimes


… the sexy butt dance, or the time ‘someone’ tried to take a nap in Minnie’s bed @ Disneyland 😉


lol … I don’t think I can explain this one …

This time, we treated ourselves to a looong overdue trip to one of our favorite places on Earth — Sin City.


Phoenix gridlock soon opened it’s way to beautiful desert landscapes.


First we encountered the all too familiar Joshua Tree Forest,


… and then, we found our selves surrounded by rubbles of boulders on both sides of Highway 93, looking eager to topple over and cause major road block. We were even able to capture the “Snoopy Rock” … if you don’t believe us, you can read more about it here !


Funny, we should mention that this must be a Snoopy (not to be confused with Snooki) capital because not too far from here, we’ve come across this sight:


Yes, Three Snoopy characters sitting on top of a rocket? No joke, here’s proof! We were also sad to see that our fellow New Yorker (from Queens) closed his pizza and rest stop at Nothing, AZ. We were really hoping he would turn it into ‘Something’, AZ …


Yup, Population of 4 (and some of those were dogs) …

The road went on and on mostly like this:



So we drove mostly like this:


Natasha and I went on and on, entertaining our selves (and oncoming traffic) mostly like this:


We past a Mariachi band, and a few odd little restaurants/gift shops, even a little place in Wikieup, AZ, that is famous for it’s “Rattle Snake Omelet”:

rt9 rt10

But when the topography changed to what resembled the Grand Canyon, we knew that our destination was less than an hour away!


Ah … decisions, decisions:


First the road took us over the Hoover Dam, via Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge  , however, we felt cheated (and had to make a pit stop, hihihi), so we did the touristy thing. And it is true, no matter how many times we’ve passed the Hoover Dam, it always feels like the first time, and leaves us in awe.

rt24 rt21 rt20 rt19 rt25

Of course, this being a fashion blog and all, I couldn’t disappoint you. While my partner in crime used the amenities, I coerced an unsuspecting onlooker (who wasn’t checking out the Dam, wink wink) and asked him for a few pictures.


(wrinkle free) Silk Dress: Vintage Havana / Satchel: Olivia + Joy, here /

Flip Flops: havaianas, here / Sunglasses: Maui Jim, here

rt30 rt29 rt26 rt31 rt27

Honey, we’re home!


See you next time, with a few fun outfit posts in ‘Fabulous‘ Las Vegas, NV!


31 comments on “Did someone say Road Trip?!?

  1. Awww….. Fun moment right….. those are some lovely pictures and now I know not to dare you in anyway cos you grabbed the sheriff crotch for real LOL. cheers girl.

  2. Girls trip are priceless, and you gals know how to have fun!

  3. A roadtrip is always welcomed! Nice way to forget about the heat and have a little fun! 😀 :*

    • So true, when ever the two of us get together, we have tonzzz of fun! That’s what Bff’s are for. Road trips are always filled with fun memories that we love to bring up at odd “always welcomed” times. 😜

  4. Seems like you guys had a blast heading to Vegas. Awesome!

    • Hanging with my BFFL is always a blast, whether it’s just meeting up for a ‘bitch about husbands’ followed by heavy drinking date, or a road trip where we get to spend fun a week together … I adore my Bff! 💕

  5. I live just a few hours away from Vegas where I go to school and I love it! Such a fun place to visit and a great roadtrip destination 🙂

    • OMG! Wish we knew this, we would’ve met up for a drink and shared some good blogger times together … There’s always next time 😉 Hey “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” LOL

  6. looks as it was a lot of fun 🙂

  7. Fun has never looked so glamorous, girls ! XOXO

  8. I really enjoy road trips especially with BFF! xxx
    Love u adventurous girls!

  9. Alrighty now Thelma and Louise – so much fun in the sun (sin) city!

  10. This looks so amazing. I love road trips more than anything!!! Love it!

  11. This post is very fun, the crotch grabbing pic is hilarious and love the dress in the outfit post. Makes me want to go on a trip with my bestie…..looking forward to more sin-city outfits! 🙂

    • Thank you darling, absolutely nothing can be better than a fun road trip with your bf! Stay tuned for those outfit posts … we’d prob be in too much trouble if we shared the rest, hihihi. XOXO

  12. haha you girls are awesome! amazing pics, looks like an amazing road trip! xxx

  13. I think this road-trip was fantastic and you two had a great time, lovely photos ! Why deserts makes me always thirsty ?

  14. What a fun road trip!


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