Saturday Man Candy: Suckers for ✞rue Blood


What could be better than a mix of a sexy Swede, tasty Italian, ripped Aussie, with a twist of saucy Brit? Yes, perfect spice combo for those long, hot and heavy summer nights … We’ll be damned if they don’t get our pulses racing.

Popcorn in lap, kleenex in hand (for all the droolworthy moments) … Our summer Sundays have just gotten hotter. It is no secret that we’ve been having fantasy love affairs with various HBO hunks. True Blood is a show we love to sink our teeth into … Season 6 has come ‘a knockin’, and we’re too eager to get our fix on 😜

With so many washboard abs and hard bodies, we couldn’t pick a favorite, but we can say that they are all ‘fangbangingly’ delish. Here are only a few (in no particular order) of the many reasons that keep our panties moist, and have us begging for more:

We’d love to munch on our favorite Italian, Joe Manganiello, as Abcide … ooops, meant to say Alcide! Finally a werewolf we can drool over without feeling like cradle robbers! Graaawl … keep loosing those pants, Joe!

tb8 tb9 tb11 tb10

Alexander Skarsgárd may be Sweden’s biggest export since IKEA or Swedish fish, and we are forever grateful for this very fine, 6’4 tall, lean speciman that has kept us captivated ever since he made his first TB appearance as a super charming and sexy Viking vampire Eric Northman.

tb14 tb12 tb15

Throw in a super saucy British export (with a southern accent) Stephen Moyer, playing an intelligent and compassionate vampire Bill Compton, and you’ve got the perfect ‘pantie loosing’ recipe.

tb19 tb20

What woman can resist a bad boy? The Austrailan hottie Ryan Kwanten, with his pristine muscular physique,  always  gets our blood pumping. Playing Sookie’s dim-witted brother, Jason Stackhouse, it is no wonder this sex addicted, studly simpleton (just how we like them, hihi) has every woman in Bon-Temps on speed dial. Please add us to your phone directory, Jason.

tb17 tb16 tb18

And let us not leave out Benedict “Eggs” Talley, played by model and actor Mehcad Brooks, who, with his super toned rock hard abs has left a lasting impression on all the TB fans … Thank you CK for those super hot ads. Keep ’em coming Mehcad.

tb1 tb2

Green eyed Danish beefcake Allan Hyde, who played vampire Godric, is another feast for the eyes that just couldn’t be left out of our droolworthy list. Can’t say much for his acting skills, because we were always too busy to concentrate on anything other than that image of him licking Eric’s neck. Yuuummm …

tb23 tb22

Our list of bad boys continues with another Aussie, Grant Bowler who portrayed Cooter, leader of biker werewolf gang, and Sam Trammell, playing a shapeshifter bar owner Sam Merlotte, who wears his heart on his sleeve .. yeah, and we also love his super tight jeans and sexy boots.


Two other characters who provided sexy and steamy scenery are Patrick Devins who played the strong silent type Scott Foley, and Christopher Meloni whose TB time was cut too short to show off his superb guns portraying a character named Roman.


Vampires have truly laid their stake as sex gods whom we wouldn’t kick out of bed, regardless of their vital signs (or lack thereof). How easy is it to get absorbed into the “Whom Will Sookie Choose” drama? Wish we had her dilemmas, hihihi 👅


Have you all heard the rumor that a major hottie will be killed off in the upcoming few weeks? Are you ready for heart break? You can read more about it here.

In the meantime, I think we all can agree that True Blood has hit the jack pot of the sexiest men on television. Whether vampires, werewolves, fairies, humans or shapeshifters, the TB’s small Louisiana sexed up town and its residents never fails to entertain with an intriguing blend of hot house Southern drama and backwoods supernatural droolworthiness. With hot and cold blooded hunks like these, and their liberal splash of nudity, we can’t help but keep coming back for more Sunday night action … (wishing they lived in our hood) … Popcorn anyone? Kleenex?


15 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Suckers for ✞rue Blood

  1. oh man, such a sexy cast!!
    I havent seen Alexander Skarsgard in any of his other work but Eric Northman is the sexiest man alive (or dead..)!
    You girls never fail to deliver some serious droolworthy pics, love it!

    • Thanx Rony, the rest of Sweden (and TB fans) agrees with you, as they’ve voted him the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ 5 years in a row. Skarsgárd is definitely smokin’ hot. 😜

  2. Oh!!!! See it’s moments like this when I like to say I’m Swedish!

  3. Awesome post girls…you did it again! I love True Blood and the show’s drool-worthy hunks!! 🙂

  4. Joe Manganiello is Truly Bloody sexy !!! XOXO

  5. More Joe Manganiello please.

    • Oh, girlfriend, we’ve been Joe fans since we drooled over his ‘What to Expect when You’re Expecting” bod, meant to say ‘performance’ 😉 (Why do you think he has the most pictures here, lol)! XOXO

  6. Stephen Moyer is one of the sexiest, and what a gang of a vampires…….they are all hot 🙂

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