Saturday Man Candy: Let’s Score with Real Madrid’s Fantasy Four

Real Madrid Team

Real Madrid is an entire football team of studs with strong bodies, playing rough, ready to score, and able to give headers all game long ๐Ÿ˜‰ No wonder we are avid soccer fans, spectators, and – most importantly – Madridistas!

Ladies, just in case you are not familiar with soccer’s finest, do not fret, we are here to clue you in on which (flexible) Real Madrid players are the most deserving of your undivided attention. We have dubbed these hunky men our very own “Fantasy Four” and, after viewing photos of their perfect physique and ball handling skillz, we are sure they will give your dry humping fantasies a good workout as well ;).

Christiano Ronaldo – The most expensive footballer in history, a phenomenal player who scores goals which are “works of majesty” (much like his abs) and, most importantly, seeing him shirtless is proof that God loves us and wants us happy ;).

Real Madrid Ronaldo 5 Real Madrid Ronaldo 10 Real Madrid Ronaldo 11 Real Madrid Ronaldo Real Madrid Ronaldo 6

C-Ron is an infallible ladies man, a dedicated follower of fashion who is known for toting a man bagย and parading aroundย in tiny shorts, and a bit “cocky” to boot. We don’t mind his eccentric fashion sense or his cockiness, just give us more “bulge” shots like this beautiful work of art pictured below and we will remain his devoted fans for life ๐Ÿ˜‰ :

Real Madrid Ronaldo 8

Sergio Ramosย – Sergio has one of the most beautiful baller bodies weโ€™ve ever seen. Thankfully for us, he has little problem showing it off…as often as possible. In 2005, he joined Real Madrid and has since cemented a reputation as one of the most reliable defenders in world soccer. Ladies, we suggest that now may be a good time to become fans of Spanish soccer, if for nothing else, to be able to see Ramos in action. And it’s always an added treat when he removes his shirt to showcase his washboard abs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 2 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 6 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 10 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 3 Real Madrid Sergio Ramos 12

Xabi Alonsoย – Xabi is Spainโ€™s answer to James Bond and all specimens exquisite. Yes, Spainโ€™s no.14 is our kinda man. His chiseled profile is mesmerizing. His fashion sense and elegance is intoxicating. Xabiย is quite simply the classiest motherf**r to exist in the world of football and beyond. And he can play ball – really well. Class and sass…it’s a hard combination to resist.

Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 2 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 5 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 6 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 8 Real Madrid Xabi Alonso 3

Ikerย Casillasย – This tall, dark, and handsome hunk of manflesh has been guarding the posts of the Spanish goal in a magnificent fashion for quite a while and has been getting finer with the passage of time. Let’s just say we’ve really got a thing for goalkeepers….and their large gloves. If Iker’s hands can work that kind of magic on the field, just imagine how good those hands are between the sheets….hmmmmm ๐Ÿ˜‰

Real Madrid Iker 5 Real Madrid Iker 2 Real Madrid Iker 6

All that fancy footwork. Great stamina and endurance. Clingy shorts that leave “something” to the imagination. Oh yesss…..we are definitely into this game and we want to experience all their right moves on, and preferably, off the field. Let’s take it to the bedroom…GOOOOOAAAALLLLLL!

Real Madrid Gif

If you want to check out our hot men in action, you can view Real Madrid’s 2013 schedule here. Happy drooling!


18 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Let’s Score with Real Madrid’s Fantasy Four

  1. I love a man in soccer gear! What spunky European men!

  2. Ummmmm Ginger beard, dark hair? Is my secret weakness..lol

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo for me is The Best !

  4. Ohmygoodness how can you choose just one?! So gorgeous!!!!

  5. Oh my lord…! Drooling happily.

  6. my goodness….I need a cold shower.

  7. Men should not be allowed to be that attractive! Haha

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