Saturday Man Candy: Getting Freaky with Mindfreak, Chris Angel


Chris Angel has had us under his spell ever since he’s made his television debut as a Street Performer/Illusionist with a sexy, dark vibe. We couldn’t get enough of his bad boy charisma and the big bulge in his skin-tight rocker pants, that had us glued to our couches, Believing and Mindfreaking with him.

It wasn’t just his super skilled flexible fingers doing card tricks that would get our imaginations going … It was pure magnetism … a big, strong, sexy, daring, and fearless man who can levitate, walk on water, walk on air? One never knew what treat we were in for. Who wouldn’t crave this exotic man in their bed? Each episode would leave us wondering what it would feel like to have those expertly ‘magical’ fingers/hands/other body parts on us. 😝

ca25 ca22 ca26 ca4 ca8 ca3

An immortal hunk who bravely plays games with his life just to entertain little ol’ us, and has a body of a chiseled greek god to boot?

ca21 ca27

… and lets not even mention what his passion for motorcycles does to us 👅


Ever hear the saying:

Every woman should have four pets:

1) A mink in her closet,

2) A jaguar in the garage,

3) A tiger in bed,

4) and A jackass who pays for it all ???

Somehow we came to the conclusion that Chris Angel is the perfect pet we all crave …

1) The man has style, just look at all his ‘ice’ and you’ll never doubt he’d keep you in mink 😜



2) Chris is known for his vast custom car collection .. we’re sure there’s a ‘Jag‘ (or a Bentley) in there somewhere.


3) We already know he’s super flexible, has high endurance, and were very happy to discover that Chris sure has all the right ‘tools‘ to be a tiger in our bed. Don’t take our word for it, just google ‘Chris Angel naked‘ and let us know what you think … 👅


4) and let’s face it, it is a known fact that horses are well hung, so where does that leave jackasses? Besides, have you seen where this jackass lives? 


So ladies (and gents), next time you’re in Vegas, don’t be shy, stop by Luxor Hotel & Casino and say hello to our perfect pet … you’ll be in for a treat. Keep your eyes away from the bulge, and hands off, of course, or we might have a ‘tigress’ fight (wink wink).

ca32 ca31 ca30


Wishing you all a magical weekend! 😘


9 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Getting Freaky with Mindfreak, Chris Angel

  1. I like him ! 😀
    I really love your blog, what do you think about following each other?:>

  2. Chris Angel on the 1st photograph ? Absolutely Rockin’ Gorgeous !!! XOXO

  3. I’m not a fan of Chris Angel but I was captivated by your writing. You look good in your b&w print dress.

    • Thanx sweetie, we try to expand our horizons and feature ‘different’ type of man candy every week … I’m sure we’ll get you drooling next time. Have a great weekend! 😘

  4. You’re quote made my day.

  5. He’s a little particular 🙂 but one of my kind, very interesting !

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