Saturday Man Candy: Why ladies love Marky Mark Wahlberg!


Mark Wahlberg is a man of multiple talents stemming from careers in rapping/modeling to acting and fatherhood, and this Friday, beefcake Mark is releasing his 3rd movie of 2013! Yes, as impressive as are his abs of steel. We have a weakness for a man who can stimulate our imaginations x 3, hihihi.

Throughout his evolutions, Mark has, for obvious reasons, been gaining more and more male-envy and female adoration. Here are our top 10 reasons why Mark Wahlberg is perfect Man Candy material:

10. We love a man who delivers. Mark has starred in some of our favorite movies (like The Perfect Storm, Fear and The Fighter) but we find his role as Sgt. Sean Dignam, and his Boston accent in The Departed, sexy beyond words. Being a Boston native, the accent and the foul mouth must have come easy for Mark … which leaves us wondering if he uses those language skills in bed?

9: He’s a Rock Star!


Is it just us, or are you noticing the stretch in the crotch area? Cold 🚿 time …

Rock Star

8: Old Skool rapper Marky Mark makes us ‘feel it‘ 😜 We’d sure like to get ‘funky’ with that Bunch, and those pants-dropping moves!

7: We love a man who likes to flaunt his flawless physique … whether for a movie role, modeling, or just to please his screaming fans, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t shy away from baring it all (well, almost) … ahem, wishful thinking, 👅

Don’t you just want to run your fingers across his rock hard abs … to make sure they’re real, and you aren’t just having a wet dream? We hear you …

mm20 mm22 mm40

6: Boogie Nights and his Dirk Diggler role always gets us hot and bothered, with all that prancing around in his underwear… especially the scene at the end of the movie — you know, where Dirk is looking at him self in the mirror, stands up, unzips his very looong zipper, and whips it out … yes, gulp, the entire impressive length of it


5: His BIG GUNS and a Bad Boy attitude are a total turn on and so is a man who likes to keep in great shape (especially if we can drool watch) 😝 This bad boy carries a long rap sheet of over 20 arrests in his youth, and has since cleaned up his act, but still carries major ‘you don’t want to mess with me‘ attitude (wishing he’d ask us if we ‘want a piece of this’ … while, of course, grabbing his crotch, hehe) …

mm50mm24 mm28 mm26

4: We’re convinced that “he does all kinds of right” judging from his hot and steamy (shirt not included) Date Night scene … no wonder Tina Fey remembers only his name amongst her many clients. Thanks to this droolworthy scene, Tina’s not the only one he’s left a memorable impression on 😉

3: Mark is a proud Family Man! We love to see him with his gorgeous wife and four children (one usually in tow). We think that his ‘hands on’, ‘proud poppa’ role suits him adoringly.

mm8 mm1 mm2 mm3

2: His smile is intoxicating.😄

mm30 mm31 mm32

1: Mark Wahlberg a total gentlemen! We just love to see him in action with his beautiful (and very fortunate) wife Rhea Durham and all the little moments caught when they didn’t know the camera was rolling .. thank you Mark for proving that chilvary is not dead!


Whether acting out a film role in a black leather jacket, modeling designer men wear, watching a basketball game with his little ones (red matching sneakers included), or just plain being silly, we think Mark is well rounded, full packaged, uber sexy deal. 😍


Hope you all get Marked this weekend! 😘


17 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Why ladies love Marky Mark Wahlberg!

  1. Hmmmmm…so many steamy pics in one post! The rock star one and the crotch grabbing one are my faves. Loved him in Rock Star and The Fighter!

  2. Yeah, I’m totally “Marked” !!! XOXO

  3. Love Markie! He’s our hometown hottie! 🙂

  4. I don’t get it, I could have given him kids too, why didn’t he take the time to find me and marry me…oh, men!

    • I hear you girl, however, if a guy took me to church on a first date, (like Mark took Rhea) I’d never want to see him again! So it probably takes a special kind of a woman to put up with him, haha. 😘

  5. Oh, those Calvin Klein ads drive me wild. This is my first time seeing him with long hair (#2); he’s such a hottie :). He’ s so buff, I would love to play tic tac toe on his chest :).

  6. LOVE HIM! Looks better every day! My friends and I have a drinking game while watching “Shooter” every time he was topless take a shot. Needless to say it was a fun night!

  7. This just made my day. 🙂 #LoveHim Thanks for sharing this!

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