OOTD: How to Wear a White Blazer


White tux blazer: Target, here / Dress: LOVE Fire / Satchel: Olivia + Joy, here /                     Heels: Badgley Mischka

I’m not exactly sure who started this ‘white blazer’ fashion trend, but I would like to thank them. I was quick to trade in my black blazer for a new, fresh and perfectly tailored version of a tux jacket in crisp white.

This new white blazer is super versatile and truly looks great with many things in my wardrobe, such as jeans, shorts, summer floral dresses, black leather shorts, and even a tight pencil skirt. It easily transforms my outfits from breezy and casual or professionally chic day wear, to an elegant and trendy night outfit.

It is very easy to achieve a timeless and classic look by incorporating a white blazer with all black pieces, adding just the right touch of bling, of course, or you can make it fun by palleting a white blazer against vibrant colors or the ever so popular summer pastels. I decided to show you how to wear a white blazer with a fun bold twist, and am featuring it against a sexy and sultry racerback dress with a gorgeous lace overlay in yummy raspberry color, white pearls and Revlon’s Wine With Everything lipstick included.

It made for a perfect dinner outfit, as I was meeting my very dear friend Stephanie at a newly discovered desert oasis called Lake Las Vegas, NV, on a hot summers evening. It was hard wearing the blazer on the walk through this picturesque Mediterranean style village, or dare I say the hidden gem of Las Vegas, but it did come in handy at the highly recommended Sunset & Vines restaurant.

02-aston20130612_20040020130612_200440 MVR-690x380-Resort-Entertainment-Casino-Exterior20130612_200502 20130612_200527 Ribbet collagep20130612_200651 20130612_200750 20130612_200814 20130612_201149 20130612_201027 20130612_201105 01-ravella20130612_201230 MVR-690x380-Resort-Meetings-Riva-di-Lago-Events-Center-Outdoor-Patio 20130612_201429

Regardless of your personal taste, I believe there is a perfect white blazer for any woman and any occasion. Are you onboard with the white blazer trend?


32 comments on “OOTD: How to Wear a White Blazer

  1. Very classic red + white combo — I love the pop of orange in the bag! 🙂

  2. Love the white, red, orange combo! #Clever I love the white jacket look as well. It really takes any outfit to another level.

  3. White blazer with a little red dress – that’s a killer combination!

  4. Love the cut on the blazer and how your paired it with those metallic heels and layers of layers of pearls such a classic look!

    You look gorgeous.

  5. I’m on board with the white blazer. I like the accessories you added too, especially the bag.

  6. Hello Gorgeous! I am all over it with the white blazer, although I am not sure I could rock it in a little red dress quite the way you do. GO GIRL! I tend to wear mine with a sparkly tank and distressed jeans, with leopard heels and all kinds of blingy jewelry (duh).

  7. You look so classy and chic, with a delicate “je-ne-sais-quoi” which is absolutely perfect + you always make us dream with these gorgeous locations ! (I never wear white, except if there are also blue stripes !). ❤

  8. wow look at you!! looking absolutely stunning! We are totally on board with white blazers, so classy and chic! xoxo

  9. This is one of my fav posts you’ve done so far! 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them but this was really helpful to me 😀

  10. Fantastic! I love a white blazer too and they are so much better in the summer!

  11. beautiful outfit ❤ love your dress!!
    cool blog!!


  12. Love the blazer with the hot red lace dress and you look gorgeous! XO

  13. Love the blazer, bag and the shoes. Every item is on point. That outfit is the business.

  14. Love the cut of the white blazer and it’s very elegant ! You look gorgeous in all the outfit :)!

  15. So nice and I just realized that I’ve never owned a white blazer…that is about the change!

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