Saturday Man Candy: Summer Hunks in Swim Trunks

Male Swimwear TrioNothing says summer quite like lazy beach days, catching sun rays, listening to a great summer tune and, of course, ogling male models in skimpy swimwear 😉

What better way to cool off from a summer heat wave than poring over shots of hot guys wearing nothing but their tight little trunks on the beach? Well, actually going to the beach would be a better way to cool down, given that these photos will only make you really hot and bothered. For these beach bum hotties, however, we think the risk of heat stroke is one worth the taking ! So before summer quickly comes to an end, grab a fan and pull up a lawn chair to check out ten of the hottest swimwear models on the beach and under the scorching sun.

To quote our favorite summer song, we wouldn’t mind “staying up all night to get lucky” with these ab-tastic Adonises!

1. Brazilian model Beto Malfacini is tall, dark, and handsome with a killer smile. With that come hither pose in mind, we’d like to cuff Beto up and lick him from head to toe…yummmmm!

Male Swimwear - Beto Malfacini

2. Greek model David Karamanis teasing us (oh so naughtily) with a glimpse of his goods. Judging from the bulge, we will definitely not be disappointed once the trunks come off!

Male Swimwear David Karamanis

3. One of our all-time favorite hunks, model Josh Kloss, looking ever so stylish (and tasty) in black.

Male Swimwear - Josh Kloss

4. Beautiful Brazilian model Lucas Arantes is living proof that Brazil probably never makes anything bad. Let us just take a moment to wipe the drool off the keyboard and grab a cold beveragemmmmmm!

Male Swimwear - Lucas Arante

5. Spanish model Victor Galvez is showing off the goods. The goods being both his abs and his fashionably tight speedos. That water sure does look inviting – and so does Victor 😉

Male Swimwear - Victor Galvez

6. French model and basketball player Xavier Delarue certainly makes pink trunks look good. All alone at sea, we would like to do more than keep him company!

Male Swimwear - Xavier Delarue

7. Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago’s rugged good looks and chiseled body are too hot to handle. We wish he could leap out of our computer screen and into our (erotic) dreams.

Male Swimwear - Rodiney Santiago

8. Model Carlos Orama looking like a tempting treat in blue whilst adjusting his sails.

Male Swimwear - Carlos Orama

9. Goncalo Teixeira has the perfect “package” and by this we mean his windswept mane and his sun kissed bod 😉

Male Swimwear - Goncalo Teixeira

10. We saved the best for last. Our main squeeze, British model David Gandy posing for Dolce and Gabbana. An unclothed David plus a large crotch shot equals an instant female Gandygasm 😜

Male Swimwear - David Gandy

Wishing you a wild (and wet) summer weekend!


13 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Summer Hunks in Swim Trunks

  1. U ladies are gonna get me in trouble with hubby lol

  2. You really saved the best for last !! Gandy fever = wild + wet weekend indeed ! XOXO

  3. David Gandy, wow! Speechless!

  4. your blog should definitely not be read at the workplace, as one may find herself (or himself) daydreaming all day… *sigh*

  5. Good morning Goncalo!!! Nice and cheerful post! 😉



  6. I want a body like that!!!!! Wow!

  7. Don’t know about the whole ‘white’ undies/trunks or whatever you would like to call them .. but you can’t deny the nice bodies.

  8. Oh dear, where to look, WHERE TO LOOK!! Ps thanks for following my blog!

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