Tutti Frutti


The last days of summer are upon us and, soon, Fall days will bring about darker colors and warmer fabrics. In Arizona, the heat never seems to end. It will probably be November before I can bust out my favorite leather jacket from my closet. Until then, I am all about light and bright colors.

I call this my ideal Labor Day outfit of the night (my OOTN ;)). A cool blue blazer, a tank top,ย and a pair of skinny pants in a fun print (which remind me of my favorite ice cream topping – fruit! – thus the name of the post).

Denim: BCBG Generation, hereย / Blazer: BCBG, old / Tank top and necklace: H&M / Pumps: Marc Fisher, here


Tutti Frutti Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 2 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 6 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 7 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 4 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 8 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 10 Blue Blazer Skinny Jeans 11

Wishing all our lovely readers a fabulous holiday weekend. See you in the Fall!


29 comments on “Tutti Frutti

  1. Love this look and im gasping over those shoessssssss, Die for!

  2. In love with this outfit and all the fun colors!!!!

  3. Those jeans fit really nice on you. I like the necklace too. I love the colors. Love love the outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your last day of summer is our first day of spring … that outfit looks so fresh and summery …. and yes, love the shoes.

  5. Very nice, i love this outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tutti Fruiti indeed! I know what I’m having for dessert tonight! You’re rocking those pants…and what about the shoes??? And how in the hell is your grass so perfectly green?

  7. It`s a WOW! xoxo Sylvie

  8. Omg, you look beyond fabulous what a great color(s) on you!!!!

  9. the jeans is so cute and I like the combination with the pastel color of the jacket. Those shoes are nice too.

  10. This yummy post (you know how much I love food-inspired fashion !) is fantastic because you styled this delicious outfit so well ! Looking this fabulous, I’m sure that your Holiday weekend will be sensational ! XXX

  11. Very beautiful, love your outfit…You look great โค

  12. HI! Love your blog. Pants are nice, and blazer suits so well!


    21infinities โˆž

  13. I love the printed and trousers and gosh… it’s been so long since I had a tutti fruity ice cream!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous outfit and love those shoes! โค

  15. love love love this outfit! amazing pants, very cool cut of the jacket and gorgeous necklace to top it all off! definitely one of our faves! xx

  16. Tutti fruitti & delicious! Love it!

  17. Tutti Frutti print is great fun ๐Ÿ™‚ and in all your outfit is incredible looked to the most little details, compliments !

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