Saturday Man Candy: We Like It #THICKE 😝


Though we are all in agreement that certain lines were crossed during the VMA’s ‘Blurred Lines‘ performance, we can’t blame our beloved Miley‘s risqué actions and sexual references … Hell, we’d do a lot more to Robin Thicke than twerk against his heavy crotch in a gyrating bikini … lets just say that even the infamous foam finger👆should be blushing at what is going through our dirty little minds.👅

This delicious slice of Canadian bacon may be singing about blurred lines, but our vision is quite clear when it comes to this smooth and sexy operator. He has been getting a lot of heat about his sex filled Blurred Lines (Unrated Version) dance groove, and its naughty controversial video counterpart, but we love that Robin picked the two of us to prance around in his steamy video, after all, we are absolutely gorgeous, so we can’t blame him … hihihi … okay, wishful thinking, but it’s our blog, so deal with it ‘ya haters, lol, after all, a girl can dream, and we are the spitting images of models Emily Ratajkowski and Elle Evans, 👹😈

… and dancing with our #THICKE Man Candy makes us even hotter! 🔥🔥

 Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.57.34 PM

Ever since we’ve first laid our eyes on this suave and dapper stud, and his sensual singing, we’ve found our selves dreaming about being cast in his hot and risqué videos, which commonly take place at night, in a dark bedroom, with a big bed (or a steamy shower), lots of lacy lingerie, and of course, one on one action with Robin Thicke and his raunchy bedroom antics … We only had one thing on our mind in Lost Without U , and were wishing he would Give It 2 Us while singing in his sexy falsetto, wishing we could ‘lay across his pillow‘ and be All Tied Up, wearing only his red leather jacket from his Pretty Lil’ Heart video … damn Robin … ‘you’ve got it, and we want it even more‘ … cause you know us so well, It’s In The Mornin that we need some cream in our coffee … 😜

Cigarette anyone? 🚒

It isn’t just learning that


that’s making us ‘must wanna get nasty‘ with this sensuous crooner,

Robin has been making waves throughout his musical career, and can finally no longer only be associated with the singer’s famous actor father (Alan Thicke). The occasional crossover hit has finally paid off for this R&B sex pot, who’s been trying to make it since 2002, has worked with some of the most talented singers/songwriters, has even lent his musical talents to various soundtracks (such as Despicable Me and Precious) and is still going strong (and #THICKE, just how we like it)😝 .

Even though Robin has been married to his gorgeous high school sweet heart, an accomplished actress, Paula Patton, and is a handsome dad of an adorable 4-year-old, Your FreeUrCloset hot and sexy model wannabes are still in need of Robin’s, ahem,  liberation. Sorry Paula but Robin’s baby blues and the sound of his sexy, smooth voice makes our ice cream melt ...

robin13 robin10 robin5 robin9 robin7 robin6

Hoping you all find out what rhymes with ‘hug me‘ and have a liberating weekend (👆, 🍦 and 🚬 included)!

You know you want it 😝

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.12.12 PMSig

18 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: We Like It #THICKE 😝

  1. I can’t get that song out of my head, great choice for this weeks Man Candy!

  2. Love his music and his style plus he’s great look at! But his blurred lines song maybe one of the most overexposed summer song in quite some years. I can’t stop listening to it : ) Great pics of him!

  3. Be careful what you wish for, girls, Robin might ask you to feature in his next video (and it will be even HOTTER) ! ❤

  4. such lucky ladies you two! he is soooo fine!
    .. and by the way, we can’t bare to watch that video with Miley Cyrus, it’s so embarassing!

    • Yeah, we think she was trying to ‘shock’ us, (and went a little overboard, lol), but we totally get why … Robin is so 🔥🚒 hot, we would’t be able to stop our selves either. We can’t get enough of #Thicke!!

  5. Love love his blurred line naughty video. He is such a hot candy. When I hear the song I can’t help myself not to move.

  6. You guys are hilarious! Not a BIG Thicke fan but love your post – lol

  7. Despite the Miley debacle, this is DEFINITELY still the song of the Summer! Good call with the man candy!!

  8. How did u get this COOL pics moving!!!!! Pls share!!!



  9. Hot!!! Pour it on Thicke! 😉

  10. Wow……this post was hottie, love his song 🙂 !

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