School of Plaid

Carpe Diem Sweater
“Christian: This jacket. Is it Jason Priestly, or James Dean?  Cher: Carpe Diem! You look hot in it.”  – from the movie Clueless

Whenever I reminisce about the 90s, I think of fashionable teen queen Cher Horowitz in Clueless and her awesome yellow plaid school girl skirt/jacket in the scene where she quotes those two memorable words, “As If!”Nineties fashion rocked and when I look at this year’s back-to-school trends, I feel like I’m in the movie Clueless!

With my daughter going back to (pre)school, I became nostalgic for the classic plaid and pleated skirt. I DIY’ed my daughter’s hello kitty skirt for her first day of school, so I wanted to join in on the plaid/tartan trend craze with my own modern take on an old school look.

Sweater: Banana Republic, here / Skirt: QMack, here
Booties: London Rebel, here / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mac
Plaid Skirt Plaid Skirt 2 Plaid Skirt 3 Plaid Skirt 4 Plaid Skirt 6 Plaid Skirt 8 Plaid SKirt 5 Plaid Skirt 7 NatSignature
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43 comments on “School of Plaid

  1. Adorable mommy daughter duo!

  2. Always like tartan (plaid) and looks great with boots.

  3. You guys both look fab! And those booties are adorable!

  4. Love those booties, you look gorgeous and your little girl is adorable.

  5. I love that movie!!!! You two look pretty fabulous together!

  6. Let me tell you : this is so far my fave look from you (I’m obsessed with tartan !), and your little girl is adorable, in her amazing “Hello Kitty” skirt ! With such stunning outfits, you 2 can definitely “Carpe Diem” ! XO

  7. great outfit, you are both so lovely ❤

  8. You both look amazing! Carpe diem girls! 😉

  9. Pretty sure I now need this sweater. xo

  10. Aww dear, two adorable fashionistas 🙂

  11. They look like they are in a movie!

  12. That’s the cutest little sweater… just lovely!

  13. Love the duo! And you are bangin’ in the giddy up!

  14. You two are adorable. You two are totally ready for homeroom. I like how you styled your stockings with those booties.

  15. Natasha, you are one hot momma! and your daughter, she is as cutie as she can be!

  16. hot momma !! ur daughter looks adorableee!

  17. wow! sexy mama! I love clueless and love the schoolgirl skirt look. your daughter is so cute and I love how you DIY’d her skirt. xoxo

  18. aww you ladies look fabulous, we love plaid skirts!! In fact, we are inspired for a future post 😉
    love the booties Natasha, you are one hot mama!
    xx Vera & Rony

  19. You look hot and your daughter’s style is adorable….love these school girl ensembles! ❤

  20. Your daughter is a cutie, love her skirt and how she poses. I like your look too. I had forgot about the carpe diem part from the movie clueless.

  21. Wow, sexy, beautiful and chic – you combine the best of a school outfit -:)

  22. Love you both,and what a cute daughter you have I think she have to be at the age of my little girl :).

  23. Great looks! Thanks, too, for visiting/following my blog.

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