Saturday Man Candy: The Swag-alicious and Ohhh-So Sexy Harvey Specter of Suits

Suits 26

The saying goes that a suit makes the man, but we beg to differ…in the case of Harvey Specter, we think the man definitely makes the suit (even though we would prefer Harvey in nothing but his birthday suit…hihihi). And Specter’s suit wearing skillzzzz has the FreeUrCloset gals glued to the TV every Tuesday night, watching Suits, drool towel in one hand and Martini in the other, wishing we could lick the screen every time Harvey appears in sight…yum!

Ladies (and gents) if you are not familiar with the show, Suits, then we suggest you make it a point to watch an episode, if not only to marvel at the awesomeness that is Harvey Specter (played by the hunk-alicious Gabriel Macht). Dubbed the James Bond of TV, Gabriel Macht’s fictional lawyer character is the ultimate “bad-ass” who makes Suits a witty, funny, sexy and highly addictive show.

Why is Harvey worthy of Saturday Man Candy status?

1. His Cocky Swagger
Harvey is smooth, smart and confident in and out of the courtroom. He doesn’t mind breaking the rules at times to stay ahead of his competition, which says so much about why we lust over him: Harvey’s not afraid of displaying his balls. 😉

Suits 12 Suits 11

Suits 2 Suits 22 Suits 21

Suits 10 Suits 3

2. His Mane
Powerful, stylish and uncompromising, if it was possible, we would make love to Harvey’s hair. The mane has amassed so many devoted fans that it’s even given rise to its very own Facebook page. Check it out here.

Suits 14

3. His Three-Piece Suit

In every episode, Harvey Specter dresses like a boss with a three-piece suit which probably costs more than half our wardrobe. A twelve-thousand dollar Tom Ford power suit? Real nice, but … we’d prefer his suit scattered on our bedroom floor so we can admire the “other” three-piece equipment … between his legs <wink wink>

Suits 15 Suits 8 Suits 16 NUP_148281_1176.jpg

Indeed, the best closer in New York “suits” all our needs. We’d love to take Harvey
on any day of the week, baby…in the bedroom…rip his suit off (with our
teeth)…throw him on the bed …use his necktie to pin him to the bedpost and …. and close the deal … ohhhh myyyyy!

Suits 27 Suits 4

The final episode of Season 3 airs Sept. 17 on the USA network. Happy watching!


27 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: The Swag-alicious and Ohhh-So Sexy Harvey Specter of Suits

  1. I…love…him!! His character is amazing.

  2. Loved that “I want it to know who it’s daddy is” lol

  3. Omg I’m in love! Where have I been and why have I not been watching this show with this delicious man!! Marathon this weekend maybe 🙂 is Suits on Netflix by any chance??

  4. Clothes always make the man they say. Nothing nicer than a well cut suit.

  5. MMMMM 1. Great post 2. Great post and 3. Did I mention this was a great post? Love this show and love him. ❤

    xo GS*:.
    Fall Fashions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyux5s2FXtk&feature=youtu.be

  6. Sexy!

  7. Oh yes he is a hottie!

    Ali of DressingbKen

  8. Hot hot hot, I haven’t watch that show now I have to check it out.

  9. There is nothing more elegant than a man in a three-piece suit!

  10. Love this show and Harvey definitely has swagger! 🙂

  11. Hmm……. 😉 😛 I don’t watch Suits – should I? 😛

  12. Harvey Spector Is The Shit. The End.

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