Saturday Man Candy: Cowboys are The Best Boys

Cowboy Man Candy Collage

Even though we are native New Yorkers who prefer our men well-suited and dressed up to the nines, we gladly admire those rough ridin’, lasso swingin’, boot wearin’ and good lookin’ Arizona cowboys. And, if you must judge from our handsome cowboy photo collection, yes, we love them best when they’re shirtless and ripped! πŸ˜‰

So here’s an ode to our spankin’ hot and handsome Cowboy-toys who can wear a hat and a BIG belt buckle oh so well:

With those six-pack abs and a BITE-able ass
Our cowboys are rugged yet they show a lady nothing but class.
Those skin-tight wranglers, boots, and hat
Make our mouth water and our hearts go splat.
Striding across a dusty field
If they wanted toΒ RIDE us we would gladly yield.
Our masculine heroes can bring large horses and other steers to heel
They have tamed a wild frontier
And they canΒ TAME us willingly as we cheer (Yee-hawwww!)
Cowboy Man Candy 22 Cowboy Man Candy 12 Cowboy Man Candy 25 Cowboy Man Candy 7 Cowboy Man Candy 4 Cowboy Man Candy 9 Cowboy Man Candy 5 Cowboy Man Candy 16 Cowboy Man Candy 24
Giddy Up!

21 comments on “Saturday Man Candy: Cowboys are The Best Boys

  1. Hey girls you make that all charter flights to Arizona become too full, what a cowboys :)! But we can reach Arizona also without a horse ….(riding)…………. on a cowboy, hahaha :).

  2. Yee-hotttt ! (especially the last picture !). ❀

  3. When they place these cowboy clothes on, do their bods automatically do this? If so where do I pick of these clothes! Thanks for making me smile! Can you tell….I’m speechless in a good way!

  4. oh wow…

    You know how I tend to feel guilty…. πŸ˜› Why are you doing this to me? haha

  5. we too like our men suited up but there’s just something about a man who knows how to ride dirty… no pun intended πŸ˜‰

  6. Jesus! Gosh, these guys are so dam hot. Thank you for helping me create my teenage bucket list :).

  7. holy Shit their SEXY!!!!!!

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