OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part Two)


With the cooler days quickly approaching, it is easy to get excited about warmer clothing, quickly leaving the summer behind, but I say hold on to the sunshine as long as you can! Follow my lead and show some stripe today.

Not only is a black and white maxi dress (or a maxi skirt) highly trending, this past few months have made it clear that maxis are essential pieces of wardrobe every woman should own, and an absolute perfect way to dive into the Fall season in high style.

In Part One of this post,  I’ve shown you how to style your striped maxi for daytime, using a $100, Calvin Klein maxi masterpiece:


OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part One) | FreeUrCloset

This post is all about the glam, and for this, I’ve chosen a sexy, backless and very affordable $20 maxi number, proving that sexy forms need not come at the cost of luxurious prices. This type of maxi dresses are sure to captivate the any crowd.

With it’s thick bold black and white stripes, it delivers a head-turning, double taking entrance, while it’s sexy, skin bearing low-cut back calls for a dramatic exit. You might not even notice the chunky baubles around my neck, the sparkly clutch and shoes, nor my whimsical earrings, but I am sure that all of you will notice my oversized Calvin Klein hat. In the previous post, I’ve stated that a little bit of bling goes a long way, and I figured this was the perfect stripped dress I can dress up, and get away with it. My secret here is that I’ve managed to stay within the same color range (black, white, and silver), therefore making all the colors work together, as a team.

As trending as stripes are, (in both nautical and classic themes) one must be very careful when it comes to stripes. While vertical stripes are slimming, horizontal stripes have quite the opposite effect. That is why I was thrilled to have found this ‘gem’ of a maxi. It clings in all the right places and feels light and airy, hiding all that needs to be hidden with the thick contrasting stripes. The gorgeous Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort was the perfect place to show off some stripes.

20130706_141417 20130706_143244 20130706_141335 20130706_141442(0) 20130706_14210920130706_14154320130706_14165320130706_141604 20130706_14322120130706_141410 20130706_143209

What I love most about striped maxi dresses is that when a woman chooses her stripes wisely, a striped maxi dress can look great on any size model, and is sure to enhance all the right assets. With the appropriate accessories, these dresses transition from day to night with ease. Don’t forget that maxi dresses and skirts can also be worn between seasons. I can’t wait to show you how I’d wear this fabulous dress in much colder weather.

How do you wear your stripes?


23 comments on “OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part Two)

  1. ahhhhhh I LOVE the black and white stripes! these dresses are amazing! I must get me one! xoxoxo

  2. […] OOTD: How to Wear Stripped Maxi Dresses (Part Two) | FreeUrCloset […]

  3. Beautiful photos! Love that dress!

  4. Both of these look great on you! I just got a pattern to make one very similar to the one with the wide stripes; I’m thinking of doing it in a variety of textures. Love your dresses!

  5. Superb! I just love that hat

  6. You look so glamorous with the big hat and the setting is perfect. I like the way you wear your stripes.

  7. Such a fabulously sophisticated look with loads of sass! ❤ XO

  8. Wow, you look so chic, Best outfit, love it.

  9. Wow this back!! You look so glam!! Love this outfit!

  10. You look like a fabulous Hollywood Diva from the Golden Age ! My stripes ? Always horizontal and always Gaultier, of course !!! ❤

  11. Great location to do the shots, really sets in the luxurious, glamour mood!

  12. love the monochrome look, both in the dress and in the hat and accessories, so fabulous!!! xoxo

  13. You are remarkable! I absolutely like the outfit!

  14. Very beautiful ❤ good luck with the giveaway, I hope you win 🙂 Happy week-end!

  15. Love your vintage look and your earrings are super even the little bag is so amazing ! You look like a girl from the high society, stunning 🙂 !

  16. Beautiful dress love the matchy hat

  17. I definitely need a new black and white striped maxi. I love the looser fit. You look gorgeous!! Rachel xx

  18. You are stunning and I love the floppy hat – now I want summer back!!!

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