Man Candy

Saturday Man Candy: Superfly Henry Cavill

Shhhh … easy now ladies, we understand the excitement. A new Superman is coming to town … and he’s got a very impressive “stocking” ;). In case, you haven’t heard, the man behind the very fine spandex is a strapping Brit named Henry Cavill, haha, you know us and sexy foreigners with accents, pisshh. Henry […]

Saturday Man Candy: Getting Zesty with Anderson Davis

A steamy, half-naked hunk cooking in the kitchen and asking us how ZESTY we like it? Now this is a man after our own heart. We’re suddenly craving al dente pasta feast, with a side of his hot Italian sausage! 😜 Hungry anyone? Have we got a zesty treat for you … The new Kraft commercials have surely grabbed […]

Saturday Man Candy: Tantalizing Thomas Jane

Saturday Man Candy: Tantalizing Thomas Jane

What woman doesn’t dream about a well hung beast who knows how to use his “tool” in ways that haven’t even been invented?   We have been Thomas Jane fans long before his hit show, HUNG, but, admittedly, it was the prospect of seeing Thomas butt-naked that had us glued to our TV sets every […]

Saturday Man Candy: The Greek Sensation

Who is this modern day Greek Adonis oozing sexual energy from every part of his body and why have I not heard of him before? This is what I asked Natasha when I set my eyes on the photos of our newest eye candy 😉 Meet Anastasios “Sakis” Rouvas aka Saki Rouva a Greek dance-pop singer, actor, composer and television presenter. Sakis […]

Saturday Man Candy: Muy Caliente Enrique Iglesias 🎤

Saturday Man Candy: Muy Caliente Enrique Iglesias 🎤

Who ordered a glass of tall, dark and handsome? Why, it must be Saturday Man Candy feast, and we’re thirsty … Is it just us, or is it getting HOT in here? One thing’s for sure, that shirt needs to come off, right now. We’re eagerly awaiting to assist you Enrique suave! 😉 What is […]

Saturday Man Candy: We Like Him Fast and Furious

Hot guys, fast cars and exotic locations. What else might you need from a movie? Oh yeah…this guy right here. Yes, we are talking about The Fast and the Furious alum, blue-eyed bandit, shirtless wonder and heart breaker extraordinaire, Mr. Paul Walker! This 6’2 quintessential California boy is a lot more than just a sandy-haired surfer with a pretty face. The actor […]

Saturday Man Candy: 👊 Knock out Bo Roberts

What is thick, hard and sexy all over? Meet our Man Candy of this week — Cocky Cage Fighter, aspiring Actor, hot Male Model and a Fitness/Martial arts guru, Bo Roberts. Would you be surprised if we tell you that Bo was “discovered” by a photographer during one of his cage fights? Bo’s career might […]

Saturday Man Candy: Kissing Kloss

Speechless. Tongue-tied. Breathless. Hot and bothered. Thirsty. Hungry. Lustful. Orgasmic. Horny! This is what staring at Josh Kloss’ photo for too long does to us. Drool towel, anyone? Feast your eyes on our 6’2 WET DREAM of a man, Mr. Joshua Kloss! Sometimes you don’t need to see the entire goods to get all hot and bothered, not that we would […]

Saturday Man Candy: Bad Boy of Ballroom to the Maks!

Is it just us, or does every woman dream of being “handled” by a passionate man who’d pin her against the wall, whisper sexy words in her ear, rip off her panties (preferably with his teeth, hehe) and make wild love to her right then and there? Forget fancy footwork and feast your eyes on […]

Saturday Man Candy: We Want Some Moore

What sounds tastier than licking some luscious white chocolate? Ice cream, that is ;). How about licking it off of Mr. Shemar “The Edible Treat” Moore. We have some “criminal minds” when it comes to this FINE gift to women. Our minds are so criminal that Shemar should teach us a lesson … we’re ready to accept […]

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

6 Thousand (and counting) Times Thank You Mr. David Gandy!

We know we owe you thousands of adorable babies, (feel free to collect at any time ;)) but on a lighter note, for someone who is trying to make a difference in this world (drawing from your vast charity and app contributions), Mr. Gandy, you must know that you have forever changed our little blog. […]

Saturday Man Candy: The Fine & Dandy, Mr. David Gandy

Have you ever seen a man who makes you pregnant just by looking at him? Well, ladies (and gents) meet the father of our beautiful dream babies — The Magnificent David James Gandy! Not only is this bronzed, sexy man-god our fantasy Adonis, but he’s also a famous male model(actually, he’s the super model of […]

Saturday Man Candy: The Dapper Dresser

This week’s man candy is dedicated to a guy after our own heart – a fashion blogger! We love a man with effortless style and elegance (not to mention a sexy bod to boot) and Adam Gallagher is the perfect embodiment of both. Quoted from a blogger bio site: “Adam Gallagher is a 20-something year old free spirited Libra […]

Saturday Man Candy: Do you need your windows cleaned?

Even though we’re not much of soda drinkers, lately, we seem to be Diet Coke addicts, haha that is to say that we’re addicted to the steamy Diet Coke ads featuring shirtless hunks like gorgeous Robert Merrill. This handsome multitalented stud with a law degree, can also be credited with a career in pro-baseball, international […]

Saturday Man Candy: Lucky Vanous, The Original Diet Coke Stud

A hot construction worker providing some breaktime viewing pleasure to the working ladies, drinking his ice cold refreshment in the only way he knows how – shirtless! C’monnn ladies…does it get any better than this??!! Meet Lucky Vanous (no, really, that is his genuine name), whose steamy 1994 coke commercial still makes us want to […]