OOTD: ‘Cause baby I’m a Firework 🎆🎇

When I think of Las Vegas, images of big, flashing neon signs are the first things that come to mind, so when I saw this highlighter-green bandage skirt, I knew it was coming with me on the Vegas road trip. Though my favorite way of wearing neon these days is on my fingernails, I’ve never […]

Something Thrifted, Something New

Sexy and versatile, this long tank dress never met a packed suitcase it couldn’t handle or a packed dance floor it couldn’t impress 😉 And the best part is I found the dress at my favorite consignment store, My Sister’s Closet, along with the funky sandals pictured for a whopping $35. The accessories are new. […]

OOTD: Bellagio Blues

Even though the famous dancing water fountain, located in front of Bellagio Casino Resort, doesn’t dance to many blues tunes, I thought it appropriate to name this post after the color of my outfit. Whenever we visit Las Vegas, Bellagio Casino Resort is one of my favorite hotels on the strip. On my last trip […]

A Bright Escape

Finding the right outfit is like finding the perfect man. It can make you feel happy, sexy and get you in the mood (to conquer the world!).  For the warmer weather, my ideal outfit consists of a bright-colored dress (check!), the perfect shoes (check!), and chichi accessories (check!). I am ready for that sweet summer escape! Inspired by summer’s bright […]

OOTD: Retro Print all the Way!

Oops, I did it again! Just couldn’t stay away from my home town, or the next best thing, New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! I definitely feel at home walking around the makeshift concrete jungle recreated inside the Hotel. Oh, not for any particular reason (and soooo not because I’m a […]

OOTD: How to Wear Striped Maxi Dresses (Part One)

A wise woman (my mother) always said to flaunt my assets, but to be careful and pick only one to show off at a time. Maybe this is why I love maxi dresses so much. They allow me to do just that, and this black and white, multi stripe Calvin Klein creation, here, is quickly becoming my […]

OOTD: Key To My Heart

“Key To My Heart“ Late at night when I’m sound asleep, Into my heart you softly creep. I sit and wonder how it could be, But you must have stumbled across the key. This key holds the secret to true love and more, So take it now and unlock the door. And I pray that […]

OOTD: Getting my Ombrè On

OOTD: Getting my Ombrè On

What better way to transition into Summer heat than with fun and fashionable ombrè. When I saw this maxi skirt, the first thing that entered my mind was a picture perfect sunset on a hot Summer day. When styling your ombrè, it is important to stay within the same color palette. I was overjoyed to have […]

OOTD: Anchors Aweigh ⚓

OOTD: Anchors Aweigh ⚓

What I love about Nautical themed clothing, is that it never fully goes out of style. It can be found in the horizontal stripes, or in the color combinations of navy blue, white, gold and reds. Nautical fashion seems to make a comeback each and every Spring. So when I saw this fun striped dress, […]

OOTD: How to Wear Graphic Prints

I love shopping at Topshop for cool tops, bodycon dresses, and funky accessories. When it comes to finding an outfit which makes a statement, Topshop is the spot. Their new collection of graphic print skirts are a big hit with me: The moment I saw Topshop’s retro “motel” print skirt I knew I had to have it. It’s wild and, considering the multi-colored […]

Chanel No. 666

Did you know that a vintage 80s Sony Walkman is a hot collectible and sells for a decent amount of money? Especially if the walkman is a rare color, a certain model, and in working condition. I am glad I kept one of my old walkmans. This one doesn’t have a cassette player, but the […]

OOTD: Must have Mustard!

OOTD: Must have Mustard!

Mustard can be considered one of our most ancient spices, so it is  no wonder that it has been tastefully displayed on many leading ladies of Hollywood. I must confess that my mustard obsession was reignited during a January episode of ABC’s The Bachelor show, when a beautiful lady named Selma, wore a gorgeous mustard […]

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 4 of 4)

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 4 of 4)

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last! Inspirational is exactly the word that comes to mind when I think of the little village called Tlaquepaque located in the heart of Sedona. Traditionally modeled after an authentic Mexican village, It’s literal meaning is “best of everything”. Tlaquepaque is truly a place filled with marvelous fountains, […]

OOTD: A Fashion Essential

I found the perfect black maxi skirt while shopping at H&M and it was love at first sight. There really isn’t much that I can’t pair with this long length number! I’ve practically been wearing it every other day (don’t fret..I do wash it often ;)) Like your favorite pair of jeans, a black maxi […]

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 3 of 4)

Weekend Getaway: Sedona, AZ 🌵(Part 3 of 4)

Situated between two peaks of red sandstone, Chapel of the Holy Cross is a busy tourist attraction. Though it looks intimidating, an easy paved trail takes us on a journey to spectacular views. One hasn’t seen Sedona until you’ve seen this magnificent church nestled within the natural red Sedona rock. While the Chapel is a […]